'True Blood' Recap: Off to Camp We Go!

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The episode "F--- the Pain Away" in a nutshell:

What happened:

  • Sookie learns the truth about her parents.
  • Eric voluntarily enters Vamp Camp to find Pam.
  • Bill confronts Warlow about their past.

Body count: 0

Nudity count: 2

New people and places:

  • Justin, Terry's old army buddy
  • Dr. Finn, Pam's therapist

Best line: "Stackhouses, calm the f--- down!" — Lafayette

What's the deal with ... the female vampire who stuck up for Tara and Jessica? Who is she?


Vamp Camp is not a place to go for good times. There are no fireside sing-a-longs, arts and crafts hour, or forts to build. Oh no, this is hell, as Sarah Newlin tells Jessica, and most of our vampire friends are now in it.

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Eric willingly enters the camp to save Pam, only to find that his progeny is pissed and perhaps ready to stake her maker. Meanwhile, Jessica seems to think it's where she belongs after she killed most of Andy's faerie daughters.

At least with most of the vamps stuck in this underground prison, their storylines are consolidating. In true "True Blood" fashion, things are starting to spin out in increasingly complicated webs. It's a little hard to keep up with, so hold on tight!

Jessica, Jason, and Sarah

A distraught Jessica sobs in Bill's arms, apologizing profusely for killing off the faeries. Then (gross!) she starts to come onto him — the faerie blood has turned her on. Ew! That's your dad!

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She runs off to seek comfort from Jason, but he's been getting a little comfort from someone else — Sarah Newlin! Sarah turned up at his house after getting rejected by the governor. She feels that she can still "save" Jason and that she never felt whole with any man but him. They have some crazy hot sex until Jessica comes knocking at the door.

Jess is still freaking out over the faerie murders, but Jason assures her that she has a good heart. It's what he loved (and still loves) about her. Apparently, sexing Sarah has cured Jason of his vampire hatred. Unfortunately, sexing Jason hasn't cured Sarah of that. She calls up the anti-vamp squad and when Sarah throws Jess out of the house, the cops are waiting to take her away!

Wanting to save Jess, Jason goes to the anti-vamp squad himself to sign up. Our hero!

Andy and Holly

Having figured out that Bill took his girls, Andy marches over to the mansion with a shotgun and finds his daughters dead on the floor. Except ... wait! One of them is alive! He rushes her to the police station, where he digs up a vial of vampire blood and revives her.

After learning that it was Jess who killed his daughters, Andy is bent on getting revenge on both her and Bill, but Holly cautions him against it. If they killed Andy, his daughter would have nobody left.

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Terry and Justin

At Merlotte's, Terry is talking to a stranger, who turns out to be an old army buddy named Justin. Terry called Justin up ... to shoot him! He is still feeling unbearably guilty about killing Patrick, and wants Justin to do the deed (as Terry himself can't pull the trigger). Justin agrees to do it. How can you do this to Arlene and the kids, Terry?!

Sam, Nicole, Alcide, and Jackson

Ah, the awkward morning after. Nicole is getting dressed when Sam wakes up. "Are you OK?" he asks, then blames the whole night on having too much to drink. Sam can really be a jerk sometimes. Nicole sadly ponders her new life — always on the run, afraid to die.

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Meanwhile, the guys who are chasing her are still on the trail. Alcide asks some locals at a tavern if they've seen Sam, but they aren't very welcoming. The new packmaster doesn't like it when Jackson questions his motives for continuing the search. Alcide's feathers, uh, fur gets ruffled, and he orders his father to go away.

Later, at the motel, Nicole tries to call her parents, but Sam stops her. As they argue, Jackson spots them from his own room. Wonder what Daddy Wolf will do about it?

Bill and Warlow

As Sookie wields her supernova at Warlow, she asks why vampires have to keep hunting her down. Warlow claims that he loves her, that Sookie is destined for him, and that he saved her when her parents tried to kill her!

Warning the following clip contains adult language:


Suddenly, Bill shows up. But he's not there for Sookie — he's there for Warlow. Bill commands Warlow as his maker to follow him. Whoa! Billith is back!

In Bill's underground lab, Warlow doesn't understand how Bill can command him. Billith tells him about drinking Lilith's blood and that he has all of her memories.

We see flashbacks to 3500 B.C., when Warlow was still a young faerie man. Lilith follows him to the river, seduces him, then turns him into a vampire. Later, he returns to his tribe, but can't resist the smell of their blood. He kills all of them — except for baby Niall.

Tormented and sickened by what he did, Warlow finds Lilith's resting spot and blasts a hole through the cave to burn her body with sunlight.

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In the present, Warlow doesn't want to cooperate with Billith and threatens to kill Prof. Takahashi. Bill tries to sweet-talk him by saying they need Takahashi to survive. But Warlow doesn't care about that — he despises vampires and wants them to go extinct.

Eric, Pam, Tara, and Jessica

After Pam is taken by the anti-vamp squad, Tara finds Eric. He comes up with a plan to turn themselves in!

In the compound, Eric is taken to a room where he has to compete against other vampires. He wins, of course, because he's Eric Freaking Northman. But when he's taken to the men's dorm, nobody wants anything to do with him.

Meanwhile, Pam is sitting in a therapist's office. Seems she's a "1" — a vampire of high value and interest to the camp staff. The therapist, Finn, offers her blood from a human donor in exchange for answering his questions. She complies, discussing everything from vampire nesting tendencies to her lack of remorse about killing over vampires.

Finn then asks about Pam's maker. She says her maker released her, and it hurt at first, but now she feels nothing. Hah. We don't believe it for a second.

In the female dorm, Jessica enters and is relieved to see Tara there. Jess is still beating herself up for killing the faeries, and when they receive their daily dose, refuses to eat hers. A group of vamps suddenly surround her, but an unnamed Queen Bee stops the harassment. "You owe me," she tells them.

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Sarah Newlin and Gov. Burrell arrive at the camp. She's got a surprise for him — and shows him Eric in a glassed-in chamber. Burrell is giddy that they caught him. Eric learns that Willa is at the camp and looks disgusted that Burrell would do that to his own daughter.

Sarah's not done with the surprises, though. One door opens: It's a stake. Eric grabs it. Who does he have to kill?

Another door opens: It's Pam. Her therapist, Finn, eggs her on.

So does Sarah. "Haven't you seen 'Gladiator'? F---ing fight!"

Sookie and Lafayette

After Bill takes Warlow away, Sookie decides to get to the bottom of his claim about her parents. She goes to Merlotte's to find Lafayette (remember, he's a brujo and a medium).

They set up a seance in Sookie's house. Lafayette calls on the spirits of Corbett and Michelle Stackhouse, and Sookie sees a flashback to her childhood. Warlow shows her parents the contract for Sookie's life, but they don't want to turn their child over. No matter — he'll just return when she comes of age.

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But Corbett doesn't want to give over Sookie, ever. Better to end it now than watch her turn into a vampire. Against Michelle's protests, he puts Sookie in the trunk of his car.

"You were going to kill me," Sookie says sadly. So, Warlow was telling the truth after all.

Then whoosh! Corbett's spirit enters Lafayette's body. He starts to yell at Sookie for falling for Warlow's BS, then declares he's still her father. Lafayette/Corbett grabs Sookie and stashes her in the trunk of his car. He drives her to the river, and though she tries to fight back, can't escape Lafayette/Corbett's grasp (where's her faerie blasting power now?!).

Lafayette/Corbett carries Sookie into the water and pushes her underneath to drown.

Bad dad. Very bad dad!

"True Blood" airs Sundays at 9 PM on HBO.