'True Blood' Recap: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

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The episode "At Last" in a nutshell:

What happened:

  • Sookie suspects Ben isn't what he says he is.
  • Eric gets the ultimate revenge on the governor.
  • Bill and Jessica lure the faerie girls to his mansion.

Body count: Possibly 4

Nudity count: 0

New people and places: None

Best line: "Spit it out. Tell me what you're unthinking!" - Jason

What's the deal with … Sam's plan for escape? Is he going to take Emma on the run forever?


Just what is it about Sookie Stackhouse that gets vampires, werewolves, and other supernaturals so hot and bothered? As she asks Ben, "What is it about me that you want?"

The girl really does attract more than her fair share of bad boys, and her relationship history would fuel a couple self-help books. And yet, Sookie is learning. She's not the wide-eyed, naive, trusting romantic that she was. She's tougher, smarter, stronger, and ready to stand up to any man.

All we can say is: You go, girl!

Eric, Pam, Tara, and Willa

Tara tried to do the right thing by kidnapping Willa, but she's no match for her maker. Or her maker's maker. Pam summons her progeny, and a very scary Eric pries out Willa's location.

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He finds her waiting patiently in a carousel. Why didn't Willa run for it? Seems the little vixen wants a taste of Eric's blood! That's powerful stuff — is she really ready for that? Willa vows that she hates what her father is doing and all she wants to do is help the vampire cause.

Oh really? Eric gets an idea and soon we see him digging out a giant grave — he's going to turn her! They exchange tastes of each other's blood and go to ground.

Meanwhile, Pam is not happy with Tara for being disobedient, while Tara thinks she was doing the right thing. They fight, and Tara storms off (again). But just as she leaves, she watches in horror as a SWAT team shoots Pam and takes her into custody.

Back at the grave, Willa has turned and is ecstatic to start her awesome vampire life. But that excitement soon fades when she learns that Eric turned her only to get back the governor. He wants Willa to go home and confront Burrell with what she's become.

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At the governor's mansion, Burrell is waiting for word on his daughter. He's there with Sarah Newlin, who seems to be his girlfriend and has some "news" to share. But before she can impart it, Willa shows up! Burrell is sad and grieved that she's become a vampire, and Willa pleads with him to repeal his antivampire measures. If he loves her, "call off your dogs," she says. It seems to work, as the governor embraces Willa.

But then she gets a sniff of his blood from a hand wound and bares her fangs. Sarah shoots her and declares Willa needs to be sent to the camp.

Sam, Nicole, and Alcide

Sam, Emma, and Nicole are still on the run from the werewolves and get picked up in a car by Lafayette. After driving for a while, Sam tells Lafayette to go back home. The three of them will keep going without him … or the car. How? Easy — Sam just turns into a thoroughbred horse!

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Alcide and his pack lose their trail. He orders Rikki to go back to the compound and scrub it clean, which she balks at. Again, he reminds her and the others that he's packmaster now. While the others return, he and his father will continue hunting for Sam.

At a motel, Emma is put to bed. In the next room, Nicole starts crying about her dead friends. Sam starts to cry about dead Luna. They hug each other for comfort, and you know what happens next — they start making out. Come on, Sam! Didn't Luna die, like, yesterday?

Andy, Terry, Arlene, and the faerie girls

Over at the Bellefleur residence, the faerie girls are eavesdropping on Terry's inner thoughts, which are filled with guilt for killing Patrick. He freaks and calls for Arlene, who reprimands them for listening in. She soothes Terry, saying that nobody would believe a bunch of girls anyway, but he breaks down. Terry is not so good at lying.

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Andy puts the faerie girls to bed, but as soon as the lights turn off — they grow up again! Now they're faerie young women, with boobs and all. And they want to have a little fun before they mature even more. They steal Andy's car and head out into the night.

Bill, Jessica, and the faerie girls

What the girls don't know is that they're being watched by Bill and Jessica. If you recall, he wants to synthesize faerie blood so that vampires can walk in the daylight.

They tail the girls to a convenience store, where Jessica befriends and invites them to the mansion for a party.

There, Bill sweet-talks one into giving him a blood sample, which he takes down to Professor Takahashi in an underground lab. The prof examines the blood and finds that it has very unique compounds. Unfortunately, those compounds break down when the blood is outside the body, so he doesn't have time to fully study them. And without studying them, he can't synthesize the blood.

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Bill is determined to keep trying, and upstairs, Jessica vainly tries to get the girls to stay. They're bored and ready to go and think giving blood samples is supercreepy. The faeries start to leave, but Jessica bars the door.

Unfortunately, when the girls draw near, Jessica gets a whiff of their blood — it smells like delicious honey. She loses control and bites into one of them.

Downstairs, Bill hears a terrible scream and rushes to the living room. There, he finds a sobbing Jessica and four seemingly lifeless bodies. She was so worried that he'd be the one to hurt them, but it turned out that she should've been worried about herself!

Sookie, Jason, Niall, and Ben

After Jason faints again, Ben and Sookie rush him inside. She goes to the kitchen to call 911, while Ben watches over an unconscious Jason. Then he bites into his arm and feeds Jason his blood! Ben … is a vampire?!

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Outside, Niall talks to Nora, who informs him about Lilith and the fact that only Warlow can kill her. He blasts her away — right into the sights of an antivampire squad. They shoot Nora and take her into custody.

Inside the house, Jason springs up, fit as a fiddle, which perplexes Sookie. Niall gives Ben a tongue-lashing about how they're supposed to protect Sookie, not her brother. A sheepish Ben departs for his motel.

In the living room, Sookie is cleaning up when she finds a spot of blood. And it does that glowy, sparkly thing that Warlow's blood did. She realizes that Ben is Warlow! To find out for sure, Sookie goes to Ben's motel room and invites him to a dinner date that evening.

Back at the house and hopped up on V, Jason has a sexy dream about Ben. Ooh la la. He wakes up in a sweaty panic. He asks Niall whether faeries are straight, then muses that he's only had sexy dreams like that after drinking vampire blood. Niall ponders the possibility of a faerie vampire. Could it be?

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The two go stake out Ben's motel room and break in while he's taking a shower. But he's not actually in the shower — he blasts Niall from behind! Then Ben glamours Jason into forgetting he'd been there at all to say goodbye to Niall.

Ben sucks out most of Niall's blood, and then takes him to that bridge. Seems that Ben/Warlow killed Niall's family, but his good faerie side made him spare the baby Niall. Now Warlow is going to spare him again — by sending him through that portal! (Let's hope he finds a hairbrush there.)

Ben/Warlow shows up late to Sookie's, with a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine. She serves him dinner laced with colloidal silver, but … nothing. He eats with gusto.

Finally, Sookie just comes to the point. "What is it about me that you want?" she asks. Ben tells her that everybody wants to be understood, and that they understand each other.

Sookie pretends to be charmed by his remarks and takes him to the living room for a little makeout session. As things start to get hot and heavy, and clothes start flying everywhere, Sookie tells Warlow to get off of her — or die.

She's got the supernova going and she's ready to use it on him!

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