'True Blood' Recap: Death Becomes Her

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The episode "In the Evening" in a nutshell:

What happened:

  • Eric begs Bill to heal a dying Nora
  • Jason finds Jessica, who has a favor to ask of him
  • Sookie and Lafayette discover what is in Terry's safety deposit box

Body count: 1

Nudity count: 1

New people and places: Senator David Finch

Best line: "You don't have that Stockholder Syndrome, do you?" — Jason to Jessica

What's the deal with ... Alcide's pack? Will there be a wolfy coup?


Wow, "True Blood" is just killing 'em off left and right! After two significant deaths last week, the show continues to up the ante by offing Nora. Her meltdown certainly makes clear that Hepatitis V is nothing to sneeze at!

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What's more, Bill is unable to do anything about Nora's infection — so he isn't really a god. Yes, he can see the future. Yes, he can perform mind-control. Yes, he can pluck a human head from its body like a daisy petal. But Billith? Not all-powerful.

Jason, Jessica, and Sarah

The governor is dead, long live an imaginary governor! Upon discovering that her paramour's head has been separated from his body, Sarah Newlin comes up with her craziest scheme yet — pretending that Burrell isn't dead. She even kisses his detached head ... ew.

Meanwhile, at Vamp Camp, Jason manages to find Jessica and get her to a private room. In his most puppy-doggish voice, he vows to protect her from all that is bad in the world. Jess thanks him by asking him for a favor — bring that hottie vamp, James, from the copulation study to her! Ouch.

But good boy Jason does just that. James is still pretty gentlemanly about everything, but Jess has one thing on her mind. She's actually never had sex with a male vampire (she's been with Hoyt and Jason, both humans), and Jess wants to get it on before they all come down with Hep V. Wham, bam, thank you ma'am!

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Poor Jason is keeping guard outside the room when Sarah comes stomping by. Now that the governor is dead, he's lost all his leverage. She orders the guards to split open his arm, and throw him to hungry female vamps in Gen Pop! Things aren't looking good, even when Tara steps up to defend him, until that mysterious Queen Bee Vamp claims Jason as her own. Who is she?!

Alcide, Sam, and Nicole

Now that Alcide is off their trail, Sam and Nicole can breathe easy ... and get it on in the shower. Geez, Sam, Luna's been dead, like, three days? Guess there's a reason why this show is called "True Blood" and not "True Love."

After having farewell sex, Nicole's mom picks her up to go home. But Sam wants to return to Bon Temps after learning of Terry's death.

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Meanwhile, Alcide drops off dad Jackson at his trailer. Jackson wants Alcide to stay; a neighbor recently moved away. "The pack life ain't for us," Jackson warns.

But Alcide returns to his pack and declares that he's taken care of Sam and Nicole. Were-bitch Nicole calls him out for lying — they've kidnapped Nicole and her mom! Ruh-roh, Alcide … how're you going to get out of this one?

Sookie, Arlene, Lafayette, Andy, Warlow, and Bill

Whew, worlds are really colliding in this storyline. After having sex, Sookie and Warlow are totally after-glowing, when she hears distressed noises. It's Arlene, crying on Terry's grave. (Side note: how long has it been? That grave looks old.)

Sookie leaves Warlow behind in faerie land to comfort her friend. When they return to the Bellefleur mansion, she discovers that Terry left behind a key to a safety deposit box. Hmmm, what could be in it?

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Sookie and Lafayette leave to investigate, and it turns out that Terry took out a $2 million life insurance policy just three days prior. So, yeah, he totally planned his own death. Yikes, how are they going to tell Arlene?

There's no need to, just yet, as the poor thing is wasted on alcohol. But not so hammered that her jaw doesn't drop (along with everybody else's) when Bill Freakin' Compton walks in the house! A) He's walking around during the day, B) he's kinda sorta responsible for the death of Andy's daughters, and C) he's walking around during the day!!! Arlene, Andy, Sookie, and Lafayette's faces express the same thing: WTF.

Ever the politician, Bill makes nice with Arlene, saying he was "always fond of Terry" and calling him his "kin" (dude, did those two every talk ... once?!). Then, Bill tries to smooth things over with Andy, even shaking hands on some nonsense about protecting their daughters. It's times like these that Bill really scares us. That oily, smarmy smile makes us shiver.

Bill takes Sookie aside for a little chat and gives her an ultimatum: Bring back Warlow, or all her friends will die in the UV room he's seen in his visions. Oh Bill, couldn't you just ask nicely?

Eric, Nora, Pam, and Willa

After glimpsing the true nature of the Tru Blood production line, Eric realizes he needs to get Nora out of Vamp Camp fast. Willa stays behind to find Pam, as Eric and a very ill Nora hitch a ride underneath a truck.

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Eric takes his dying sister to Bill and begs his nemesis to heal Nora. At first, she refuses to drink Bill's Lilith-laden blood, but eventually, they force-feed it to her. No dice. Bill says that he's able to walk in daylight because he drank Warlow's blood — maybe that can help Nora, too. He runs off to find Sookie.

Back at camp, Willa warns Pam about the contaminated Tru Blood. Willa wants to tell anybody and everybody, but Pam is craftier than that. She rightly points out humans don't realize they know the secret, so that's to their advantage.

Pam returns to therapy with Dr. Finn and drawing on her history as a prostitute, gets him all hot and bothered. She wants to get into Gen Pop and is willing to let him "inside her head" (if you know what she means) to do it.

Over at Bill's mansion. Nora is deteriorating rapidly. An anguished Eric prays to Godric's spirit to help her, but sadly, Godric is long gone. They fondly recall how Nora came to be a vampire: She was dying from a plague in ye olde English times. Eric first found her on behalf of the king, but decided to recommend her to Godric for immortality. Awww!

"And so we end as we began," Nora says sadly. Eric promises that nobody can replace her, and begs Nora not to leave him.

As bloody red tears leak out of his eyes, Nora combusts and melts in his arms. "Don't leave me!" he sobs. But it's too late.

RIP, Nora.

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