'Trophy Wife' Stars Tease the 'Epic' 2-Part Wedding Extravaganza, Plus an Exclusive Sneak Peek

Maggie Furlong
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"Trophy Wife" is the must-see TV comedy you probably aren't watching — seriously, why aren't you watching? — and their two-part flashback-filled wedding episode (begins Tuesday, March 11 at 9:30 p.m. on ABC) has been described as "epic" with "a lot of hair stuff." If that's not a great sales pitch, we don't know what is.

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Take a look at our exclusive sneak peek of the episode, featuring the return of guest star Dennis Haysbert as Russ Bradley Morrison, Diane's (Marcia Gay Harden) secret lover.

Will the two really go public with their relationship? And does that mean we could get more of Haysbert's deep, soulful voice on the show talking about classic parliamentary debate? We can only hope.

The episode will actually feature a few weddings — namely Pete's first two weddings to Diane and Jackie (Michaela Watkins), and planning for a re-do of his third wedding to Kate (Malin Akerman) — as well as guest stars Florence Henderson, who plays Pete's mom, and Megan Mullally as Kate's mom.

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Keep reading for more marital teases from the cast…

Malin Akerman
"The wedding episode is kind of epic… I will only tell you that it is the most unusual wedding that you've seen on television to date. And Megan Mullally as my mom... just you wait, it's gonna be insane! I don't think I've ever seen a wedding scene with Muppets and an airplane. And add Megan Mullally in as a guest and crazy things happen... people get invited to rehearsal dinners that usually you don't get invited to a rehearsal dinner."

Natalie Morales
"It is different. [Laughs.] I think the great part about it is the biggest question so far has been, 'How did Pete end up with Jackie and Diane and Kate? How did that happen?' And that gets answered through flashbacks, which are fun and very period-specific. Diane in 1994 was a whole other thing… [Laughs.] It's a two-parter, and it's really good… like literally made me choke up when I read it. That good. I never cry."

Bradley Whitford
"Yeah, there's a lot of hair stuff… and I dig pretty deep in this to sing a very emotional rendition of a Bengals song. I'm on a beach at one of the weddings. The weddings episodes are gonna be fun. The big question is: How do you go from Marcia Gay to Michaela. I think it was Michaela who said maybe Pete had a brain injury after he and Diane got divorced. But this episode sort of makes sense of it. When you're with Diane, if you're even close to her, she becomes sort of the Kim Jong-il of your soul, so I was in a cult that acted like a marriage. And then I broke free and ran to what was totally different, the freest free spirit, Jackie."

Marcia Gay Harden
"It makes me cry. Every episode has something that makes me tear up, but... what you see is in Pete and Diane's vows, how each of them reveals their fatal character flaws that will lead, ultimately, to the separation. And that's interesting. I like to think they were a good couple — until they weren't. And Dennis Haysbert is back — isn't he lovely? We do archery together in this episode. That voice! That man!"

Bailee Madison
"Oh, the wedding episode… Pete and Kate are married, but they never had a great big ceremony, and she's kind of realizing that. So she wants to plan a wedding, and she asks Meg and I to be her co-Maids of Honor. Which you'd think is really sweet, but Hillary doesn't "co-" anything. Hillary is the Maid of Honor. It's a really sweet episode, because it does actually show that Hillary cares about Kate. It's fun — you get to see her totally stressed out."

Ryan Lee
"Ken Marino is actually my coach... oh wait, I don't know if I can say more. Can I say what Ken is coaching or why I'm wearing a skirt? Well, one time I'm in a kilt, yes, I can say that, but there are more times you'll get to see my upper thigh. That's all you need to know! [Laughs.] I told Malin that if we needed better ratings, we both just needed to wear a skirt. Who looks better in a skirt: Me or Malin Akerman? Me, for sure. [Laughs.]"

Albert Tsai
"Ken Marino is so funny. We had a lot of fun shooting that episode. A lot!"

Michaela Watkins
"Bradley's hair... oh my... and my hair is very different, too. There may be bathing suits involved at my wedding. It's a nice little flashback — Diane's is also equally as amazing."


Here are ABC's descriptions of the two episodes:
"The Wedding - Part One" (March 11) – When Kate finds Pete's old wedding videos with Diane and Jackie, she realizes she robbed herself of that special memory by eloping and is now determined to have a redo and plans her dream wedding. Meanwhile, Diane decides to take her relationship with Russ Bradley Morrison public and Jackie struggles to tell Bert she's dating Sad Steve.

"The Wedding - Part Two" (March 18) – Wedding planning continues as Kate will not be fazed by all the stress and chaos around her, which is only amplified by the arrival of her mother and Pete's parents. However, things come to a screeching halt when the family gets some bad news.

"Trophy Wife" airs Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. on ABC.