'The Vampire Diaries' Shipper-cap: Are Elena and Damon Done for Good?

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Over 100 episodes, "The Vampire Diaries" has thrown more hook-ups, break-ups, and make-ups at us than we can count. And "500 Years of Solitude" was kind of a homage to the complicated romantic entanglements on the show.

The episode focuses on Katherine's long life and her impending death. But her relationships with the other characters — Candice Accola called her "the root" — provides a window in what's going on with all of them.

The drinking game everyone had in the Salvatore library was fitting and hilarious, as they recounted all of Katherine's bad deeds, from making Aunt Jenna stab herself to turning Caroline into a vampire to feeding Jeremy to Silas.

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In the end, Katherine seems to regret what a selfish creature she was and tries to make peace with Stefan, with her daughter, and with Elena. "Seems" is the operative word, because this is Katherine Pierce. What you see is never what you get.

Here's a rundown of what's going on in the various 'ships:

Elena and Damon

Status: Broken up

Who pines for a girl for two years and then breaks up with her? Very good question, Matt, and one that we don't totally understand either. When Elena tries to talk about things, Damon just lashes out at her even more. He also blames Katherine for "ruining" him, which sounds like a cop-out to us. After Matt is kidnapped, Elena goes off with Stefan to take part in the Travellers' ceremony and the two are placed into very close quarters. But despite that, Stefan actually encourages Elena not to give up on Damon and not to let him give up on her. Later, at the end of the night, Stefan also gives the same advice to Damon. (Damon also gets a stern word from Ghost Alaric.) Will he follow it, though?

Katherine and Stefan

Status: Possibly soulmates?

While everyone is downstairs toasting to Katherine's demise, Stefan remains by her side, trying to comfort her. Unfortunately, when he leaves for the Travellers' ceremony, he's replaced by Damon, who enters into her sedative-fueled nightmares about baby Nadia being ripped from her arms and finding her entire family murdered by Klaus. Damon taunts her, and even appears as Elijah (low blow). The torment leads Katherine to castigate herself and experience genuine remorse, but when Stefan returns, he gently insists that she was young and not to blame for Klaus's actions. He removes the painful memories and replaces them with one of Nadia crying in her crib, then kisses her on the forehead one last time.

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Katherine and Elena

Status: Two become one

Nadia has a plan to save her mom, but she needs the gang's help. Of course, nobody wants to pitch in, until Nadia reveals she's locked Matt in a coffin underground somewhere. Elena and Stefan have no choice but to go along, which involves some Travellers' ceremony using doppelganger blood that will allow Katherine's spirit to reside in Nadia's body. But when Nadia approaches Katherine with the plan, mommy dearest refuses because she wants her daughter to live her life. Of course, their true plan reveals itself at the end. After Elena comes up to see Katherine one last time and offer forgiveness, Katherine grabs her doppelganger's head and performs the Travellers' spell. Her spirit takes over Elena's body. "I'm Katherine Pierce. I survive," she says.

Caroline and Klaus

Status: Scandalously sexing

As she wanders the Salvatore woods looking for Matt, Caroline runs into the last man in the world she expected: Klaus! WTF is he doing there? Well, he heard Katerina was dying and came to gloat. The two play a game of cat and mouse, but finally Klaus promises to leave her alone for good — if she confesses her feelings for him. "I have plans and a future and things that I want, and none of those things involve you. None of them," she says. Ouch, harsh! Klaus looks hurt, but not for long as Caroline leans in to kiss him. They start tearing off each other's clothes — one for the road, Klaroline fans. Then, things get a little awkward later when Tyler suddenly shows up. The ex-boyfriend's back and Caroline's in romantic trouble!

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Matt and Rebekah

Status: Knocking boots

Poor Matt — always getting used as a pawn in supernatural beings' games. Well, he doesn't stay locked in Nadia's coffin long; he's rescued by none other than Rebekah! (Don't these Originals have some pressing business in New Orleans right now? Oh, who cares.) Matt is clearly happy to see her, and Rebekah has a certain glow as she teases him about saving his life once again. And he can't help a smug smirk when Ghost Vicki needles him about it later.

Bonnie and Jeremy

Status: Together and boring

Not much happening with this couple. He has a few drinks, she briefly sees Katherine on the Other Side (before Katherine wills herself back to the living). Then again, with all the other love drama going on, we didn't need these two to add to the fire.

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