Who's 'The Originals' Boss? 'The Girls Take Their Power Back' When the Vampire Series Returns

Kelly Woo
Yahoo TV

Boys, you'd better watch out!

The women of "The Originals" step up and start to take control as the series returns with all-new episodes Tuesday. When Yahoo TV was on the set of The CW series in the fall, the cast members told us that it's all about girl power in this first episode of the new year.

"This episode is about the strength of women and empowering them, which is kind of cool," explained star Claire Holt (Rebekah).

Charles Michael Davis (Marcel) echoed that statement. "This is a chance for the girls to have a moment and really shine," he told a group of reporters. "So this is more like the girls take their power back."

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The episode begins with a flashback that explains the origins of the Casket Girl Festival in New Orleans. "We get to see how Rebekah is involved in that myth."

Davis explained that the Casket Girl Festival is a real festival, and started after French women came to New Orleans expecting to find well-to-do husbands. When they arrived, they discovered that they'd been duped.

"So they got taken in by some of the nuns, and they used to do think there was vampirism going on because they used to carry their clothes … in something that appeared to be shaped like a coffin," Davis said. "It has some ties to the Originals and you get to see how that relates to it."

The show picks up where it left off in December — Klaus (Joseph Morgan) is king of the city once again and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) has been forced to move in with him. So was teen witch Davina (Danielle Campbell), but she escaped and found refuge with Camille (Leah Pipes).

Realizing Cami had been compelled by Klaus to forget everything, Davina uses her powers to restore Cami's memories. And let's just say — Cami is "not too pleased with me," Morgan said of Klaus.

Pipes added, "This episode is very much addressing that that's not OK. Klaus has been kind of a jerk in the past, but this is crossing a line. It's really not OK to take away a girl's emotion. That's just too much."

Davina, too, lashes out against her former protector, Marcel. "She's done being used and she just wants a life for herself," Campbell said. "She confronts everyone and just calls them out on their game."

As for Hayley, the pregnant werewolf gets an unexpected phone call that prompts a big decision. And that bond between her and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) continues to grow.

"They are definitely magnetically drawn to one another," Gillies said. "He's drawn to her bravery and he's drawn to her recklessness, I think, in the face of insurmountable threats to both her own life and her child's life."

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But the two aren't ready to go there yet. "They're still being very careful. Obviously she's pregnant with his brother's child and she's not trying to get herself in a situation between two brothers," Tonkin explained. "But she's been let down by a lot of men in her life, she sees Elijah as a big change in terms of what she has come to expect from people."

Also asserting herself is Sophie (Daniella Pineda), who is in a precarious position. "The head werewolf doesn't like her. The Originals don't like her," she noted.

But don't write an obituary for the witch just yet! "There will be a plan B. It's not the end of Sophie. She will definitely come up with something, and I know what it is, but I can't say, but it's very clever."

The focus on the female characters of the show is a refreshing change from the season's first half.

"It's nice, especially with a show where there's two very strong male figures, for a whole episode specifically about the girls," Tonkin said. "It's about time, being like, enough is enough!"

The producers preview the new episode:

"The Originals" airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.