'The Good Wife' Reacts to Will's Death: Get Out the Tissues

Kelly Woo
Yahoo TVMarch 31, 2014

Last week on "The Good Wife," Will Gardner's death left us and the characters in total shock.

This week, it was time to start grieving. Each character reacted in different ways, unique to their personalities. But let's face it: The reaction we most wanted to see was Alicia's.

As we've seen before, Alicia is someone who needs to keep occupied in her darkest moments. Think of the time after Peter was sent to prison — she kept busy looking for a job, finding an apartment, and being there for her children.

Now, as she tries to process Will's death, she focuses on one task: finding out why Will left her a voicemail just minutes before his death. Was he calling to chastise for stealing another client?

Or, as in her final, heartbreaking fantasy, was he calling to declare his love?

We'll never know. She'll never know.

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Last week ended with Alicia picking up Kalinda's call and hearing that Will was dead. We get a longer version of that phone call this week. Alicia can barely even comprehend what has happened. As she hangs up in shock, Eli urges her to leave the luncheon and let him introduce Peter for her.

As she drives, Alicia looks like she's in a coma — until she sees a mother prevent her young child from crossing the street. It's just one of those things that sometimes pushes you over the edge, and she starts sobbing.

At Lockhart/Gardner, a similarly stunned Diane arrives to find all the partners gathered to vote on opening an L.A. office. Instead, she delivers the tragic news that Will was shot dead by Jeffrey Grant. A visibly agitated David Lee rushes off to a private conference, and in some ways, the cold-hearted shark's breakdown is the hardest reaction to witness.


Meanwhile, down the hall, a random intern girl is weeping and wailing over the news, which flips a switch in Diane. She coldly tells the intern to pack her things and go home; she's fired. Then she sees Alicia come in, and the two women fall into each other's arms to comfort each other.

At the courthouse, a steely-eyed Kalinda stalks through. Her cop pal, Jenna, helps Kalinda watch as investigators question the bailiff — why he was texting during the trial, and why he dove for cover instead of wrestling his gun back. Disgusted, Kalinda leaves and demands that Jenna take her to the shooter, Jeffrey Grant.

In Diane's office, Alicia discovers she has a voicemail from Will, sent at 11:30 that morning. "Alicia… [background noise] Hold on, Your Honor. I'll call you back."

What could it mean? She asks Diane, who doesn't know. Alicia wonders if maybe it's because they poached another one of Will's clients, a woman named Candice. Meanwhile, Peter calls, but Alicia ignores him.

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In lockup, Kalinda's anger continues to grow as she watches the detectives interrogate Jeffrey. He's bawling and unable to speak, and his lawyer defends his actions by reason of insanity.

Over at Florrick/Agos, Cary wants to delay the deposition in Candice's case, but the other lawyer is a jerk about it. Fine, a pissed-off Cary says, they'll do it that day.


After Alicia listens to the voicemail again, she goes to see the judge (the "Your Honor" in the call). He has no idea why Will was calling, but walks her through the bloody courtroom. The judge suggests she talk to Finn Polmar, the prosecutor who tried to shield Will and held his hand as they waited for the EMTs.

She heads to the hospital, and once again, Peter calls her (from Eli's phone). He wants to come to her, but Alicia refuses. If he comes, so does his entourage, and she cannot deal with that at the moment.

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Finn is in surgery, but his assistant is there. She was with them in the plea-bargaining session, and says that Will was angry about a client getting poached. Oh no! Alicia's worst nightmare has come true!

Cary looks about this close to thrashing someone, and he just hammers away at Dr. Levine in the deposition. When Levine's attorney wants to end it early and reschedule, Cary does verbally thrash him. He was the one who insisted the deposition had to be that day, so it would take place that day. "Sit the hell down," Cary growls.

In the morgue, Kalinda and Jenna talk to the medical examiner, who reveals that the bullet that killed Will came from the bailiff's gun. Jeffrey Grant did kill Will; it wasn't crossfire. Kalinda views Will's body, but it takes only a moment for the tears to threaten to come out.

Alicia calls her to commiserate about what they're going to do. A dangerous look comes to Kalinda's face. She's not sure what she's going to do... or so she says. But it's clear that Kalinda has an idea.


David Lee has been calling Will's clients to break the news and make sure they don't switch to other firms. But one client insists on meeting with Diane face-to-face. He says he doesn't want to leave, but needs assurances on his upcoming case. Diane, stone-cold once again, informs him that he's fired as their client. Not only that, no other firm will take him on. And that's exactly what Will would've done for her.

At home, Alicia still looks like she's in a fog. Grace tries to comfort her by saying Will is with God. Really, Grace? That's all you got? Alicia is not having it, though. Does that mean angels and clouds? Maybe heaven and God is just a way for people to lie to themselves to feel better.

She gets a call from Finn Polmar, who's woken up from surgery and asks her to stop by. When Alicia gets there, he's clearly loopy, but describes Will's last moments. More than that, he reveals that Will was angry that Damian (yeah, remember him?) was stealing his clients! Not Alicia. Still, Finn has no idea why Will called her.

When Alicia returns home, she finds Peter waiting for her. He offers his condolences, then hugs her. As they embrace, Alicia imagines Will's call one last time.

"I want what we had. I want to be with you, and only you, forever. Call me back, please."

But she can't call back. And that's something she'll have to learn to accept.

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