'The Following' Comic-Con Panel Reveals Joe Carroll's Fate (And Facial Hair)

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"The Following" panel on Friday at San Diego Comic-Con featured executive producers Marcos Siega and Kevin Williamson along with show stars Valorie Curry, Shawn Ashmore, and Kevin Bacon. Everyone was tight-lipped as far as spoilers go, but the cast seemed excited about the show becoming less FBI-driven and more character based.


At the start of the panel, Bacon received an unexpected phone call from a familiar voice...

A New Look

The voice belonged to James Purefoy, who made an unscheduled, surprise appearance sporting a very un-Joe Carroll-like beard to the delight of the crowd. Apparently, Purefoy was going for the "John Lennon on the cover of Abbey Road look. The idea of the phoenix risen from the ashes."

So that means Joe's alive, right?

When pressed about that question, Williamson was coy: "Well, yeah, I guess he might be alive." But then, "Of course Joe Carroll will figure into the next season in some shape or form."

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Bacon's Thoughts on TV

Many actors avoid the small screen because of the onerous schedule, but that's not the case for Bacon. "I love the opportunity to go to work everyday with these fantastically talented people up here. I like the pace and I really find it exhilarating — 16 hours a day — walking in Ryan's shoes."

Cast's Favorite Moments

  • Ashmore: "The fight club stuff I got to do. It's what started [Mike] down the road to the darker stuff."
  • Siega: "For me, it was Ryan and Mike unable to save Annie."
  • Curry: "The flashback to the bookstore where Emma meets Joe Carroll" and "when she was reunited with Joe. It's the most gratifying scene that character gets to experience."
  • Williamson: "The one where Joe comes home to the cult for the first time and was reunited with his son."
  • Bacon: When [Ryan's] tied up at the farmhouse and "all of a sudden, there was something fun about that and freeing." He got to be, "a little more of a wiseass and more of an intellectual game player."
  • Purefoy: "Every single scene."


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What's Next?

  • Williamson on Ryan: "Ryan doesn't have a family ... or does he?"
  • Bacon on Ryan: "Ryan seems lighter and more at peace than we've seen in the show. That's going to be a fun thing for me to play."
  • Purefoy on Carroll: "The Internet is a global thing, isn't it? There are Followers everywhere."

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