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'The Bachelor' Premiere: Awkward Moments Abound as Juan Pablo Meets the Ladies

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'The Bachelor' Premiere: Awkward Moments Abound as Juan Pablo Meets the Ladies

The cast of the 18th edition of "The Bachelor"


Ahem, excuse us. It's hard not to scream when saying the hunky "Bachelor" star's name — or seeing him run:

And playing with this daughter:

And kicking around a soccer ball:

Apparently, as host Chris Harrison reveals in the season premiere, Juan Pablo Galavis was such a popular choice as the "Bachelor" that they cast 27 women — two more than usual!

And what woman wouldn't want to sign up for a piece of the Juan Pablo action? He's very good-looking, he's charming, he's sensitive, he's a loving father, and that accent. Oh, that accent.

OMG, Juan Pablo speaking Spanish is just too much. Muy caliente! #BachelorBoozin

— Yahoo TV (@YahooTV) January 7, 2014

But what is up with the women they brought on board this season? We thought maybe someone would tear up in the episode — which is why we included crying in our drinking game — but Lauren H.'s complete breakdown is a bit disturbing. She just unloads on poor Juan Pablo about all her insecurities.

Whoa, Lauren H, this is #TheBachelor not therapy! Juan Pablo looks scared. #BachelorBoozin

— Yahoo TV (@YahooTV) January 7, 2014

Single girls. Do NOT talk about your ex on your first date... Or hardly ever. Juan don't Juanna hear that. #TheBachelor

— Jenny McCarthy (@JennyMcCarthy) January 7, 2014

It's definitely an, um, interesting group of women. They all apparently love sequins. There's a "free spirit" and a "dog lover."

Just wondering how much do you get paid as a 'Free Spirit' & 'Dog Lover'? #TheBachelor

— FashionweekNYC (@FashionweekNYC) January 7, 2014

There's the massage therapist, Amy J., who tries to work on Juan Pablo's muscles through his suit. Awkward alert No. 1!

I am sure @JuanPaGalavis really wanted essential oils all over his expensive suit. Not. #Bachelor #BachelorBoozin

— Jenny Depper (@Darling_J) January 7, 2014

Juan Pablo comes across as a gentleman, though, on the first night (even when his eyes are goggling at the sight of so many beautiful women). He's unfailingly polite, tries to make time with every girl, and holds off on giving out the first impression rose until he's talked to nearly everyone.

He ends up giving it to Sharleen, who has just the best reaction to getting a rose. Apparently, she's not really feeling Juan. Several seconds of awkward silence passes before she accepts the rose, calling him "sir" in the process. This is one time when Chris Harrison could totally say that something was the "most ____ ever in the history of 'Bachelor.'"

"Seriously?" with a disappointed tone and "sure" as the acceptance reply. Best reaction to the first rose ever. #bachelor

— DailyCandy (@dailycandy) January 7, 2014

Hey I got you this first impression rose. #TheBachelor

— William Holman (@WilliamFHolman) January 7, 2014

At the rose ceremony, Juan Pablo eliminates nine women, most of whom are total nobodies to us. But among them are the massage therapist, weeping Lauren H., and the redhead in the pink and white dress.

First rose ceremony is always like, "Who is THAT?!' #BachelorBoozin

— Yahoo TV (@YahooTV) January 7, 2014

At this point in the game, it's hard to tell who's a frontrunner for Juan Pablo's heart. Clearly, he's smitten by Sharleen (he calls her a "keeper"), but first impression roses don't always lead to the finale.

Check out our picks for the winners and losers of "The Bachelor" premiere. Drumroll, please!

Frontrunner: Andi, the prosecutor. Super cute and Juan seems into her.

Quote of the Week:

"I want a man who wants to be rubbed my me." - Amy J. LOLOLOL Quote of the night so far #BachelorBoozin

— Yahoo TV (@YahooTV) January 7, 2014

Awkward Moment of the Week: Kylie coming forward to get Kat's rose

Crazy Move of the Week: Amy J. giving Juan Pablo a massage over his suit

Best Entrance: Lauren S. playing the piano

Worst Entrance: Clare with her fake pregnancy

I wish the pregnant girl would have got out of the limo and said "whoops wrong show!" #thebachelor #16andpregnant

— Holly Julian (@HollyDurst) January 7, 2014

Best Dressed: Sharleen

Worst Dressed: So many to choose from, but gotta go with interior designer Kylie's bedazzled pink overlay.

There are so many pageant dresses parading by I fully expect the ghost of Bert Parks to make a cameo tonight. #TheBachelor

— Jim Shi (@jimshi809) January 7, 2014

"The Bachelor" airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.