'Survivor: Cagayan': It's the Beauty and the Beastly Weather Show

Kelly Woo
Yahoo TV

"Survivor" Rule No. 2: You can't completely trust anyone, no matter if they swear on their dead mother, soul, first-born child, etc.

The Brains tribe learned a doubly hard lesson in last week's "Survivor: Cagayan" premiere — anyone can go, at any moment. J'Tia throws the rice in the fire? Eh, she's safe.

This week, down to just four members, Brains is teetering on the brink of annihilation. Luckily, they squeak by in the immunity challenge, just beating out Beauty.

The Beauty tribe, meanwhile, isn't faring well after a 24-hour monsoon that deluged them with heavy rain and whipping winds. The delicate flowers look miserable as they shiver and survey their wrinkled fingers. Poor things!

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As they scramble after the challenge loss, Jeremiah is in the enviable swing vote position. LJ, Alexis, and Jethra think he's with them. Brice and Morgan think he's with them. What's a good ol' country boy to do?

He ends up going with the three, and they split the vote to make sure neither Brice nor Morgan have the hidden immunity idol (they don't — because LJ does!).

Beautiful Brice — he who went from caterpillar to butterfly — is voted out.

A rundown of this week's episode:

Brains tribe: The remaining three women — Tasha, Kass, and J'Tia — all agree that Spencer is next to go. After the storm, there's a great ironic moment when J'Tia whines that she wants to eat rice. You know, the rice that she poured into the fire! Again, we really want to know how these people were deemed to have "brains."

Brawn tribe: Tony is already getting on our last nerves. He crows about having the idol and trusting nobody (just "me, myself, my idol, and I"). True, he's following Rule No. 2, but does he have to be so arrogant about it? Then, he forms an alliance with Sarah after telling her he is, indeed, a cop. She swears on "blue blood" that she's with him 100 percent. He, meanwhile, plans on using her and dumping her when necessary.

Beauty tribe: All three tribes are miserable during the storm, but Beauty seems hardest hit. Jefra is shaking like a leaf. LJ and Brice try to fortify their shelter, as the girls sit around doing nothing. So, LJ takes it upon himself to use that time to search for the hidden immunity idol — and finds it!

Immunity challenge: The tribes must pass water in buckets until they release a ball, which they then have to guide through a maze. First place reward is a comfort kit of a tarp, blankets, pillows, and a hammock. Second place gets a tarp. Beauty builds a initial lead, as Brains (yet again) falls far behind. But when they get to the maze, Cliff and Woo of the Brawn tribe crush it, and get first place. Beauty starts to struggle, and Brains manages to come from behind to take second. They celebrate like they just won the lottery.

Scramble time: LJ immediately tells his alliance that they need to get out Brice, because he's crafty. Alexis, Jefra, and Jeremiah all agree. Meanwhile, Brice and Morgan scheme to vote out Alexis, and let their "alliance member" Jeremiah know about the plan. He pretends to agree. Then, Morgan tries to lure in Jefra, insisting that her buddy Jeremiah is in on it. Poor, confused Jefra goes to Jeremiah, who disavows any such thing. The foursome talk again and decide to split the vote between Brice and Morgan, just in case either has the hidden idol. But which way is Jeremiah going to go?

Tribal council: Host Jeff Probst questions the tribe about being designated "beautiful," and their answers are as vapid as we imagined. Brice does a lot of talking, which usually does not bode well for that person. First, he goes on about his own beauty, then he snarks on the girls for not pulling their weight around camp, then he mentions the "talk of the town" about hidden idols.

Everyone votes, and it's clear Jeremiah has gone with his foursome. The votes are split evenly: two for Alexis, two for Brice, two for Morgan.

Now, only LJ, Jefra, and Jeremiah can vote, and no surprise — the tally eliminates Brice.

"Clearly, they wanted the cutest, most fashionable person out first," Brice shrugs, then departs.

"Survivor" airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS.