'Spell-Mageddon' Week 7 GIF-cap: A Texas Boy Is Loud and Proud During 'Slam Dunk'

Steven Bryan
Yahoo! TV

Week after week, "Spell-Mageddon" contestants prove that they must be tough, as well as smart. Jake, a Texas boy (and darn proud of it!), demonstrated brains and brawn during each round of "Slam Dunk." A former high-school middle linebacker, Jake saw his opportunity during the opening gambit and went for it. If he's this tough on the buzzer, we'd hate to see his opponents on the field. 

This gridiron guy took no prisoners during the Zapped round, even smashing his fist into the cruel showerhead that delivers ice-cold blue Slushees. Moving on to Slam Dunk, Jake simply would not give up — even when submerged in a Slushee bath. It's hard to tell if Jake is spelling a word or calling a play.
For a guy used to bumps and bruises on the football field, the infamous Head Banger surprisingly took him out of the game for good. Surviving a spell in the Loozer's Lounge, this brainy jock returned to the game only to be knocked out by the mallet. In the words of host Alfonso Ribeiro, Jake has easily been the loudest player on "Spell-Mageddon" thus far.
Wedding photographer Ellen was determined to make it to the final round. Telling Ribeiro that she has seen things on the job that she shouldn't have — like mothers-in-law dancing on tables — we wonder what she will think when she sees her own impromptu dance number.
Brian, the manager of a Los Angeles travel bookstore, was afraid his time in England would affect his spelling on the show (the U.K. and the U.S. have spelling variants for many common words). After a chilly dunk in the tank, Brian looked a little off-colour.
Brian and Ellen survived every challenge to go head-to-head during Sensory Overload. At first, that mixture of American and British spelling in his head appeared to work against the bookstore manager. Ellen looked as if she could easily beat four words, but Brian's labours eventually paid off to the tune of $10,000.
"Spell-Mageddon" airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on ABC Family.