'Spell-Mageddon' GIF-cap: A Half-Ninja Battles It Out With a Weekend Superhero for $10,000

Steven Bryan
Yahoo! TV

Game shows are often mentally challenging, but ABC Family's "Spell-Mageddon" tests both the minds and the bodies of its contestants. Melanie, an earnest player, took the title of this episode ("In Your Face") a little too literally, though.  The woman unfortunately endured not just one but two logs to the head, causing her to misspell her first word. (Wonder if she can still spell "concussion.")

Maybe it's the presence of host Alfonso Ribeiro or simply the threat of ice-cold blue slushies, but these skillful spellers know how to bust a move. Ashleigh, a self-proclaimed "monster ready to attack," endured blasts of water and electric zaps to her bare tootsies to move on to the next challenge.

The pint-sized monster also held her own in the "In Your Face" challenge, even when she went headfirst into an oversized pie. Her four-word score, however, was not enough to beat this crew of top-notch spellers. 

Thanks to her heritage, Megan called herself "half of a karate ninja." Evidently, half is more than enough, because this feisty ninja spelled eight words while covered with goo. (Wonder if Jackie Chan ever has days like this.) 

Waiting patiently in the Loozer's Lounge for most of the game, Sepideh bravely entered the Splash Chamber. Bet that nice warm lounge looked pretty inviting, though, after a chilling slushie shower. You're looking a little blue today, Sepideh.


Stephen, who portrays a superhero at parties on weekends, appeared as heroic as he could in the Splash Chamber. Maybe this scalp massage — courtesy of two gloved hands — helped him gain an advantage. 

Wearing Clark Kent glasses and striking a heroic pose, Stephen went for the gold in the last challenge: Sensory Overload. The weekend superhero took a commanding lead with nine words, but there was a ninja waiting for him. 

After slushies, shocks, and lots of spelling, feisty Megan took down her heroic counterpart by breezing through 10 words in less than 60 seconds. Dressed to kill for the final round, Megan earned $10,000 with her 10 words. 

"Spell-Mageddon" airs Wednesdays at 9 PM on ABC Family.