'Spell-Mageddon' GIF-cap: 'Dorkus Maximus' and 'Gorilla Girl' Compete for $10,000

Steven Bryan
Yahoo! TV

Alfonso Ribeiro, host of ABC Family's "Spell-Mageddon," is known for his moves — especially the Carlton dance he perfected during his "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" days. Even the talented Ribeiro would have trouble, though, getting down with the contestants during Week 2 of this extreme spelling bee. "Head Banger," the latest installment, adds some new twists, including an extremely sloppy food challenge. How do the contestants spell relief through all this: t-e-n-g-r-a-n-d.

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Daniel, a video editor from Bellingham, Washington, refers to himself as a "Dorkus Maximus": "In my spare time, I like to read about quantum mechanics." (Nothing like some light bedtime reading, Daniel.) This editor's knowledge of physics served him well on the first slippery challenge.

Throughout the competition, Cherelle and Ashley always were ready to clash, especially sliding down the ramp. A competitive hip-hop dancer, Cherelle made the fictional Carlton Banks look graceful, however, as she attempted to stand and spell her word.

Cherelle finally busted a move — and not her head — thanks to a generous helping of water and electricity. After tying in the Revolver round, Cherelle and Ashley had the season's first sudden-death spell-off.

To prove to his highly competitive wife that he is a "spectacular speller," a carpenter named Ben endured the "Head Banger," a challenge that looked more like those "Whac-A-Mole" carnival games. Hopefully, Ben's spouse was taking note as her hubby took one on the noggin.

Farm girl Jen has such a long wingspan that her friends call her "Gorilla Girl." Surviving the slippery opening gambit, Jen shows Ribeiro how long her reach really is.

Spinning on the Revolver, Jen rocks a jumpsuit as ham sandwiches and spaghetti coat her from head to toe. (She wears food very well, though.)

Jackie, who spent most of the game cooling her jets in the Loozer's Lounge, was voted back into the game, but the Head Banger was her undoing.

In the end, Ben and Ashley faced sensory overload, but good-guy Ben emerged as the victor. Wonder how Ben's wife likes him now — she has 10,000 reasons to call him the champ.