'Spell-Mageddon' GIF-cap: 'Dorkus Maximus' and 'Gorilla Girl' Compete for $10,000

Steven Bryan
Yahoo! TV
SPELL-MAGEDDON - ABC Family's hilarious new game show, "Spell-Mageddon," has contestants take on hilarious distractions while spelling increasingly challenging words. Hosted by Alfonso Ribeiro, the show premieres Wednesday, July 24th at 9PM ET/PT. (ABC FAMILY/Adam Taylor BRIAN NOCELLA, MARISSA FLORO, TIM LIM, CASSY DITTMER, JAKE MARIN, ELLEN HO, ALFONSO RIBEIRO

"Head Banger," the latest installment, adds some new twists, including an extremely sloppy food challenge. How do the contestants spell relief through all this: t-e-n-g-r-a-n-d.