'Spell-Mageddon' Finale GIF-cap: Something Stinks on 'Sensory Overload'

Steven Bryan
Yahoo! TV

"Spell-Mageddon," ABC Family's extreme spelling bee, should have renamed itself "Smell-Mageddon" for this summer's season finale. Although host Alfonso Ribeiro regularly puts players through their paces, "Sensory Overload " contained a new challenge that really stunk — but first was that blasted obstacle-course log that always gives at least one player a headache.

Though college student Alex took a shot to the head, he refused to give up and spelled his word correctly.

Adventure junkie Lauren did Alex one better by standing up to the infamous log.  Lauren had just competed in Tough Mudder, which she described as "a 13-mile obstacle course with pools of ice cubes and mud and electrocution."  Guess a large log to the solar plexus is a piece of cake for this extreme speller. 

The naturally peppy Megan turned an ice-cold Slushee bath into a wicked-cool dance during Zapped .  Alfonso Ribeiro matched her move for move, even without that wet and cold motivation.  

Let's face it: The "Spell-Mageddon" producers are deviously clever, but Smell and Spell has to be the cruelest challenge of all.  Facing an odiferous collection of dirty tennis shoes, old cheese, and a skunk, high-school tutor Alexis smelled and spelled his way to the next challenge.  Alexis might spend his winnings on some air freshener after this one.

Planning to buy an awesome red Vespa and black helmet if she wins, Christina faced the Revolver without blinking.  This tough speller liked her mouthfuls of spaghetti and meatballs once she knew what those cannons were shooting at her! 

Christina seemed unstoppable, even in the Splash Chamber.  She made good use of her hands — and someone else's digits — to move on to the final challenge.

Christina and Megan beat everyone else and headed into Sensory Overload.  Upbeat Megan gave it her best, but Christina — rocking a red and black outfit — cruised through the final gambit.  Looks like she's ready to drive off in that matching Vespa and helmet.  Nicely done, Christina!