'Real Housewives of Miami' Star Joanna Krupa's Season 3 Strategy: Less Booze, More Control

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In last week's season opener of "Real Housewives of Miami," Joanna Krupa flew to Miami via private jet, joined gal pal Lea for a lavish ride home, and arrived home where her studly beau Romain surprised her with a white Jaguar and a big kiss. It's no wonder that the model newlywed is in a happy place while talking with us about bride wars, booze, and... babies!

So you just got married two months ago. Congratulations! And how is married life?

It's great. Not that much has changed, besides the fact that we're more relaxed. I guess when you're dating for so long, you get so used to each other and you think the the relationship will change once you get married. But I think you just feel more stable once you're married, more committed. It's still the same, basically. (Laughs) As long it doesn't get worse!

This season's trailer makes wedding planning seem like a nightmare. Are you relieved to not be planning a wedding?

You know, I have to say my wedding planning was wonderful. Obviously, there was an obstacle, planning a wedding in Los Angeles and filming in Miami. So that, I think, was the biggest difficulty in planning. It was stressful; I couldn't be in two places at once. But I will say I had the most amazing team. I had this vision in my mind, and right off the bat, we had no conflict and no disagreements and they gave me more than I wanted. Planning a wedding in three months, I would have probably lost most of my hair if it wasn't for the great team, so I'm very fortunate.

Get a sneak peek at Joanna's wedding planning in this "Real Housewives of Miami" trailer:

Let's play True or False. You kicked Lisa out of your wedding because she was in Adriana's?

Well... I threw her out not because she was in Adriana's wedding, but because we were in an altercation in the middle of an event for Lea's handbag line. Lisa and I got into it, and with the emotions, I was like, "I don't want you in my wedding party." So I threw her out for a second when we were going through the argument at that moment. But the obstacle during the season was that she was Adriana's bridesmaid and had already committed to it. So I gave her an ultimatum. I just didn't feel I wanted her in my wedding if she was supporting somebody who lied for five years and was playing a victim and telling her friends she wasn't married. I think It felt personal only because of the stuff that Adriana and I went through last season.

Was it a logistical problem, too, where you can't contribute equally to two weddings?

Yeah, I mean I gave her an ultimatum when I showed her the location. I don't believe that somebody should support my wedding, my first time getting married, the happiest moment of my life, and then go and support somebody that is just having a renewal of vows after five years. At that moment, I guess I was getting really sensitive.

Do you feel personally angry at Adriana or angry on behalf of Lea, who was so close with her?

I was angry at her because she was married for five years and she has her marriage license and they didn't annul the wedding, so I mean... I try not to judge people as long as they're not hurting me or other people. Last season was so crazy with her really trying to sabotage my image. The reunion, it was very hurtful. So when I heard the news of her being married for five years, I was upset. She has the audacity to attack my relationship with Romain and say we only broke up for the press, and here she is married for five years, basically telling her friends, "Oh, I'm a single mom all by myself, poor me," and I was not happy about that. And Lea was not happy about that, having been friends with her for so many years. It was a very difficult season because of that. For me, it was more anger because of how she treated me, having the nerve to say things about my relationship. Otherwise, I wouldn't care. I like to focus on my life. I'm not a hater. I try not to judge people, but if you really attack me personally, then of course anybody will try to defend themselves.

Joanna and Lea talk about Adriana's vow renewal in this "Real Housewives of Miami" clip:

A lot of drama, indeed. Going into this season, did you consciously do anything differently? Did you have a strategy?

You know what? Between you and I, I was really stressed meeting Adriana for the first time. I really didn't want to do it, seeing her, reliving all that stress. But we are in Miami and we have to get together, so I decided I will show up and try my best. But I have knots in my stomach every time I see Adriana. I have a nervous feeling. So this season, I tried to control my drinking. Last season, you know, I'm a lightweight. I have one drink and I'm buzzed. And I'm already a big personality, so if somebody really annoys me, I will come back with everything I have. And a little bit of alcohol definitely makes it more extreme. So I try to control myself, knowing that things are gonna get a little more dramatic. So this season, I definitely try to have more control. If somebody pisses me off, I will tell them but in a more controlled manner, because that time when I was physically assaulted, I definitely learned a lot [about] trying to be a better person.

I wouldn't want someone taping me after the second drink.

People are so fast to judge you, but when you look in the mirror, all of us have our moments. People have a drink, someone gets buzzed, we have our moments. Just because you're on TV doesn't make you any less of a human being than your average Joe who's not on a reality show. It's interesting how people love to judge.

It's easier than looking in the mirror.

Well, of course. That's why I try to put myself in situations and say, "Look in the mirror. I'm not perfect. Look in the mirror before you say something about somebody else." I try not to criticize. I learned big time.

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You've only been married a couple months, but are people all over you about having kids already?

Oh, that's the first question, yes. Because you're married, everybody wants you to have a baby. Obviously, Romain and I want to have kids, but not in the immediate near future. And I'm definitely going to freeze my eggs, just in case. I don't want to have any problems with getting pregnant. One of my closest friends in L.A. had the hardest time getting pregnant and she had to be on a really strict diet, on hormones. She couldn't even exercise. And I want to avoid that kind of issue. So she says, freeze your eggs and you're safe.

So definitely no babies anytime soon?

No, not this year. Even though we've been together for six years, we still want to enjoy the actual marriage. I'm still getting used to saying "my husband." It just sounds so weird. First, let's enjoy the marriage, being husband and wife.

And that white Jaguar is not a Mom-mobile.

(Laughs) Yeah, exactly.

So we have to talk about the prom. You've been asked to the prom! And you're going!

I know! It's so cute. And I didn't realize I have to wait all the way until next year, next May. When I got asked, I'm like, "Yeah, why not?" And he's so cute, and for my wedding, I actually had a contest for fans. Hopefully in May or June, it will happen. And I've never been to the prom because when it was mine, I went to New York for work. It was like... prom, or first break at my dream of becoming a model? And now it's many years later, and a lot more fun.

Will Romain hang out in the lobby and stand guard?

Oh, I won't allow him. He'll be back in Miami!

Last week, Adriana's husband did a great impression of Lea. Does Romain do any good impressions of the girls?

You know, Romain doesn't really do impressions of the girls, but he makes fun of me. My Eddie Murphy laugh.

Cute. What episode are you most excited about?

I'm interested to see the whole season, how it all plays out. And I'm interested to see the Vegas episode because I introduced my swimwear line and we did a little pre-launch party in Vegas, and I'm excited about that. And the bachelorette party. It was just such a fun weekend; my bachelorette party turned out to be Lea's bachelorette. And our drive from Vegas to L.A., I'm curious to relieve that moment again. And of course, my wedding. I'm looking forward to seeing that. It was just so happy. I'm looking forward to seeing it in front of me, having that memory for the rest of my life. One day, I can show my kids.

Former foes Joanna and Adriana make up in the "Real Housewives of Miami" clip:

And what episode do you hope gets cut?

I'm actually nervous about the whole season! You never know what the other girls are saying about you. We don't always hang out together. This season, there were alliances. Ana, Alexia, and Adriana, with Lisa in the middle, and it was just me and Lea on the other side. I'm actually kind of anxious to see how the other girls interpreted it all.

At the end of this season, what or who will we be asking you about?

Probably Lisa. And Adriana, you'll be asking about that.

Right now, would you call Adriana a friend or an acquaintance?

At this moment in my life, she's definitely an acquaintance. She'd not an enemy like she was last year or this season. It took a lot for us to get to the point where we're acquaintances and growing closer to having some sort of friendship. I reached out my hand to her and I'm very open to trying to work things out. I was very hurt last season, but I try to move on. I'm very open to the option of having her in my life as a friend, but we shall see.

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