'Nashville' Sneak Peek: Rayna Gets NASCAR Surprise, Driver Austin Dillon Cameos [Exclusive Video]

Caroline Kepnes
Yahoo TV

What do you get for a country gal like Rayna who's got it all: two gorgeous daughters, one hot mess of an ex, and one helluva singing career?

If you're superstar country crooner Luke Wheeler (Will Chase), you surprise her with a NASCAR racecar emblazoned with her brand and her image. Yes, this episode marks the introduction of the fully functioning Rayna-mobile. A car like this needs to be in motion, which is why hunky NASCAR pro Austin Dillon makes an appearance. But, even more exciting is Rayna's beau Luke, who is as smart as he is business-savvy as he is romantic …

It has to be said. Dating a famous guy never seemed like a better thing to do than it does in this clip from "It's All Wrong, But It's Not Right:"

The scene starts out with a classically cute dynamic we've seen before. Luke insists that Rayna keep her eyes closed as he leads her into an unremarkable warehouse. Rayna complies and giggles and asks where he's taking her, and we cross our fingers that it's not a picnic in a warehouse. Luke teases that he's been "thinking about that whole marketing thing" and brainstorming about "something big to let 'em know Rayna Jaymes is back." Hello, good boyfriend.

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Rayna manages to form words through her 60,000-watt smile and ask, "What on Earth?" When she sees what Luke has to offer, her eyes pop out of her pretty little head. And no wonder: It's a NASCAR vehicle with her name on it. And her picture! Luke, a part-owner of a team (of course) explains the logic: "Millions of people watching on TV, tons of press coverage and I am giving a private concert to the sponsors after the race." He saves the best part for last, sweetly courting her with "You should join me on stage and announce the drop date." Rayna hugs him (of course) to the delight of the gearhead onlookers who clap and hoot when Luke sweeps her off her feet and tells her, "Anything for you." Rayna thanks the crowd and kisses her man, but not in that order.

Now we shift gears (hee-hee) and transition to the NASCAR race, where bright cars are rounding the tracks, before shifting gears again to the post-race scene. A-list driver Austin Dillon signs an autograph for Rayna's daughter Maddie, and Rayna reads his inscription: "To Maddie — See you in Victory Lane. Austin Dillon."

Rayna: "That is very sweet. It's not every day you get an autograph from a serious champ."

Austin: "Well, it's not every day I get to race against Rayna Jaymes."

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Given that this clip has not one, but two southern gentlemen with ample charm and appeal, you really should watch it twice. Go on. We won't tell anybody.

"Nashville" airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.