'Mob City' Key Art: Guns and Gams

Caroline Kepnes
Yahoo! TV

TNT released new art for Frank Darabont's much-anticipated 1940s crime drama "Mob City," and there's no surprise that it has gun-toting men in cool clothes and a scantily clad dame with long legs.

This show is, after all, a period piece about the dark side of Los Angeles. The six-episode series is based on John Buntin's "L.A. Noir: The Struggle for the Soul of America's Most Seductive City" and does include some real-life characters. It's also very different from Darabont's mega-hit "The Walking Dead." No zombies this time around, but there will be violence, oh yes.

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Ed Burns, who bravely takes on the role of Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel, is in peak cool form, what with his fedora, his weapon, and his I-see-you stare. And "Walking Dead" veteran Joe Bernthal oozes irreverent slick, with his hands-free smoking and what-are-you-looking-at? stare. This poster is all about bold men with big attitudes.

The poster with the dame shows a hot dancer with a strategically placed feathery thingamajig. We can't see her face, but her hair looks nice. 

"Mob City" doesn't debut until Dec. 4, but we can tell you this much: Darabont's explosive and sexy series explores the ongoing war between a police chief and a mobster. Handsome Bernthal plays former Marine/current Detective Joe Teague, a mysterious fella assigned to a mob task force that's more accurately described as a crusade by L.A. Police Chief William Parker (Neal McDonough). Parker is an equal opportunity enforcer, willing to throw down on all bad guys, even if they're on the force.

Fuggedaboud the holidays. This year, December is all about gangs and glamour. Well, at least on Wednesday nights it is.

Watch the intense trailer for "Mob City": 

"Mob City" premieres Dec. 4 on TNT.