'Mistresses': Who's Savi's Baby Daddy? Alyssa Milano Won't Even Tell Her Own Mom!

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"Mistresses" lead vixen, Alyssa Milano, has been in show business for most of her life. She won us over on "Who's the Boss?" and charmed us on "Charmed." And she's still got it after all these years. This week her "sex tape" was posted on Funny or Die as she's doing press for the season finale of "Mistresses." The seasoned actress is used to the pace and tells us that "every week's a big week." Here's what one of TV's hottest working moms had to say about her show, her tape, and her onscreen baby daddy. 

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Tell us about what drove you to make a "sex tape."

I've done a few videos for Funny or Die before that all were kind of social statements, and I thought it would be a fun way to make a statement about where we are socially and the fact that people are more likely to click on a link that says "sex tape" than to click on a link that is actually legitimate news.

Speaking of sex, we just have one simple, supereasy question for you. Is the your "Mistresses" character's baby daddy Harry or Dom?

I won't even tell my mom that! You'll have to wait until Monday . I promise, at the end of the [finale] episode, you will know who the baby daddy is.

Who have you been rooting for, Dom or Harry?

I was more just rooting for Savi to feel like she could have the courage to open up that envelope. We would get the scripts and I'd be like, oh my God, she's still not opening that envelope!

Can you imagine giving that to someone else?

No. I have compassion for why she did it, but I could never do it. 

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The way Josslyn let the envelope get into Harry's hands, it seems like such a great setup for you and your onscreen sister to have a serious blowout fight.

Um, I think she is a little careless with her placement, which is obviously a very frustrating thing for Savi.

Next season you'll be a mommy. Would you consider letting your baby, Milo, play your son?

Probably not! Normally they like to use twins because little babies have such short working hours. And I don't think he's available.

What was it like playing someone pregnant so shortly after becoming a mom?

It was really easy I think because obviously you're still going through so many hormonal changes right after and I was still breastfeeding. Yeah. It was easy. It was all fresh in my memory.

It seems like you might not have to wear a belly onscreen. When you come back next year, Savi will probably already have given birth, right?

I have no idea if there is a next year.

There just plain has to be. You girls have such a genuinely great vibe. Did that happen right away?

I didn't know anyone, and the first time we met was at the table reading, which was on the Thursday before the Sunday that we started working. It was really, really instantaneous. And I love those women. They are a group of sweet, talented, funny women. 

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Yes, but their characters ... when April kissed Paul, we almost threw something at the TV.

I know! It's crazy, right? April definitely has a decision to make. 

It's a theme on this show. Good guys have a tough time with you girls. Harry is so decent, April's boyfriend is so freaking open. How do you feel about that?

I mean, but remember, there's a reason why Savi cheated on Harry. And if you go back and watch that pilot episode, he wasn't really that nice of a guy. So, you know, I think the writers have done such a good job making pros and cons for each relationship. And that's what the audience is so torn about, which is awesome.

Can you talk about this road trip to Santa Barbara?

We all go for a girls' weekend.

And there's a gun...

There is a gun at some point, and I can tell you that it involves either Karen, April, Joss, or Savi.

Did you have a favorite scene from the first season?

For me, the whole season played out in a special way. It was very rewarding to bring Savi's challenges to life, I just was very proud of my work and the show in general. I really like it. 

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And what do you see for Savi next season?

There is no next season right now. We'll hear by Sept. 30 whether or not we're gonna get picked up.

OK, and we have to go back in time for the last question. Favorite episodes of "Charmed" and "Who's the Boss?"? Go!

I love the mermaid episode of "Charmed" and I love "Sam's first bra." 

Watch a promo for the Season 1 finale: 

The "Mistresses" Season 1 finale airs Monday, Sept. 9 at 9 p.m. on ABC. 

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