'MasterChef' Exclusive Clip: A Clucking Good Time

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'MasterChef' Exclusive Clip: A Clucking Good Time

This week’s “MasterChef” is all about fresh food and fowl play: Loudmouth single mom Krissi is in charge of assigning poultry to the peers who loathe her as a perk of winning an immunity challenge. She’s clearly got a score to settle and doesn’t feel the need to conceal her sheer delight in being able to throw the other six cheftestants a cooing, chirping curveball.

She cackles, calls out uplifting (not!) nicknames like “losers” from the safety of the balcony, and claims that as a paralegal she’s trained “to gather information, store it, and use it later.” She brags, “I got a lot of ammo to take out a key player.”

And the fun does not stop there, as you can see in this exclusive clip. The home cooks make the mad dash for the pantry to figure the details of the elimination challenge and discover their main ingredients are still alive and clucking. Each feathered friend is wearing a medallion with a player’s face etched onto it, which signifies who Krissi chose to cook it, and the competitors proceed to run around the room trying to grab their game. Jessie dives for her chicken while Bri, who fought her way back into the game last week, panders to her pigeon, “You should like me. I’m a vegetarian.”

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Krissi admits that Natasha, Luca, and Jordan are her biggest threats, and thus her strategy was to saddle them with a bird they’re unfamiliar with in hopes that they won’t be able to wing it. She knows Natasha has never worked with or tasted pheasant so “she might struggle the most.” Luca gets the turkey “because they don’t have Thanksgiving in Italy.” Considering he misidentifies it as a peacock and appears to be afraid and/or grossed out by it, he could have real trouble coming up with a recipe that judges Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot, and Joe Bastianich will want to gobble down. Then she gives Jordan the tiny “complicated” quail that he’s “bound to” screw up. This leaves James with the duck.

Tune in Wednesday night to see whose dish the judges decide is for the birds, and who gets kicked out of the "MasterChef" nest... er, kitchen.

"MasterChef" airs Wednesdays at 9 PM on Fox.