'MasterChef' Exclusive: Home Cooks Desperate to Please Guest Judge Eva Longoria [Video]

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'MasterChef' Exclusive: Home Cooks Desperate to Please Guest Judge Eva Longoria [Video]

Fresh off the "Glee" set's lunch line, the "MasterChef" contestants tackle yet another installment of feed the finicky famous person in this week's episode. This time, though, it's the Mystery Box challenge that lands on the A-list as Golden Globe-nominated actress Eva Longoria drops by the kitchen to help Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot, and Joe Bastianich judge a Mexican-inspired taste test.

Just any ol' mediocre run for the border isn't going to cut it with this desperate housewife, who not only grew up eating the real thing but also opened a gourmet Latin-inspired restaurant in Hollywood called Beso in 2008 and penned a cookbook in 2011 ("Eva's Kitchen: Cooking With Love for Family and Friends").

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But judging from this exclusive clip, at least one of the home cooks, ex-NFL player Eddie Jackson, is up to the task. After Elliot heaps on warm praise for his chili-seared pork loin on roasted cream corn with mango relish and herb oil, Longoria calls his top three dish "absolutely fantastic, beautiful and tender." She admires the kick that doesn't linger too long and adds, "It was by far the best-cooked pork. It was so light. I wouldn't expect that from somebody like you." Whether that's a fat joke or a feisty jab at the eating habits of pro athletes (Longoria was married to an NBA player), Big Ed doesn't care. He's just pleased to be a top chef again this week because it "shows my consistency and that I'm only going up."

This episode, according to the teasers airing on the show's site and on TV, also promises the most shocking elimination of the season and Ramsay's pick for "the worst dish in four years of 'MasterChef.'"

"MasterChef" airs Wednesdays at 8 PM on Fox.