'Homeland' Season 3 Posters Revealed: Who Will Carrie 'Pledge Allegiance' To?

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(Click to see all posters)
(Click to see all posters)

Sure, Brody is on the lam, but don't think that means any less stress in Carrie's life. As the newly released posters for "Homeland" Season 3 reveal, the CIA agent will continue to find herself torn between her career duties and her love for Brody, the former military hero now hunted as a suspected terrorist.

All four posters feature the tagline "Pledge Allegiance," as Carrie (Emmy winner Claire Danes) is pictured with Brody (Emmy winner Damian Lewis), with her CIA boss Saul (2013 supporting actor Emmy nominee Mandy Patinkin), and, in the main poster, right in the middle of Saul and Brody.

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"Homeland," which won last year's Outstanding Drama Series Emmy and is nominated again this year, will, as always, focus on Brody, Carrie, and their personal and professional relationships, which expand in Season 3 with the introduction of a lineup of new guest stars.

Martin Donovan ("Boss") will play a Washington, D.C., attorney named Bennett, Pulitzer Prize winner Tracy Letts joins as powerful senator Andrew Lockhart, Joanna Merlin ("Law & Order: SVU") will play Brody's mother-in-law, and Sam Underwood, who played a key role on "Dexter" this season, joins as Leo, a new, and equally disturbed, friend of Brody's daughter, Dana.

"Homeland" Season 3 premieres Sunday, 9/29 at 9 PM on Showtime.

Watch a Season 3 teaser: