Jessa Gets Her Groove Back on 'Girls'

Joyce Edwards
Yahoo TV

With one episode left this season, tons of new drama is still being stirred up on "Girls," but our girl Jessa is finally hitting her stride. After some inspired hair-dancing, Jessa realizes that she's bored with her current drug-fueled mania.

Meanwhile, Hannah and Adam are learning boundaries, Hannah quits her job, Marnie makes moves on Ray, and Patti LuPone comes back to give life lessons over dinner.

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But we all know that Jessa doesn't stay bored for long. Jessa meets a famous photographer when crashing Marnie's job at the art gallery. Soon, Jessa is offered an incredible opportunity to become the artist's archivist. Does this mean Jessa is on her way to happier times? Cue hair-dancing!

"Girls" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on HBO.