Guess Who's Back on 'Girls'? Hint: She Loves Mochi and Gloating

Joyce Edwards
Yahoo TV

This week's episode of "Girls" introduces some big changes, a huge brat from the past, and an even bigger Broadway diva.

Hannah interviews Broadway musical legend Patti LuPone for an advertorial article about osteoporosis for GQ, while Adam lands his first Broadway role. Meanwhile, the gang hangs at the Gramercy Park Hotel courtesy of Hannah's job and gets acquainted with Adam's new co-star Desi.

All of this aside, the highlight of the episode is the reintroduction of the ever obnoxious and always hilarious Soo Jin.

Living in her own personal "Truman Show," Soo Jin is opening her own art gallery at her parents' expense and totally rubs loads of salt into Marnie's growing emotional wounds when they run into each other.

Woe is Soo Jin as she shops and lives her dream, one humblebrag at a time.

Just as Marnie's about to lose it, she channels her jealousy into insane plastic affection and traps Soo Jin in the most uncomfortable and prolonged side hug imaginable.

Torturous to watch, but some instant karma for Soo Jin's ridiculous gloating. Bye, Soo Jin. Love you, mean it!

"Girls" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on HBO.