How to Win Over the Hearts of 'Girls': Free Food

Joyce Edwards
Yahoo TV

The central route to a girl's heart is truly via food, and "Girls" steers the course in a hilarious episode stocked with plenty of free grub.

Marnie and Ray rekindle their supposed non-friendship and non-relationship with some trashy television and complimentary vegan muffins from Ray's coffee shop. Though they still refuse to admit to the outside world that they even talk to each other, their relationship is showing a lot of genuine potential. Ray's eagerness to please (along with an extra order of dumplings at lunch) does wonders for their rapport and might actually convince Marnie to give him a real shot. Let's be on the lookout for a Shoshanna meltdown once she catches wind of this budding romance.

Hannah takes a job at GQ as an advertorial writer, which compromises her integrity as a "real" writer. But a great team of coworkers, job security, and a kitchen full of free snacks helps Hannah justify her choice to give a corporate job a shot.

Meanwhile, Adam ventures into the outside world to try his hand at some acting auditions. While his interest lies within emotional turmoil and high pressure environments, he soon lands his first acting gig. Is this the beginning of Adam's first actual career? Some extreme method acting may be on the horizon.

"Girls" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on HBO.