'Get Out Alive' GIF-Cap: Contestants Grub on Grubs and Nearly Drown!

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This week's wild episode of "Get Out Alive With Bear Grylls" was called "Leave No Man Behind." Unfortunately, the teams couldn't follow that basic rule, with several contestants placed in real danger!

Here's what went down as the remaining contestants battled it out for a chance at half a million dollars.

The Obstacle Team consisted of two duos: Robin and Wilson, and Madeline and Ryan. They were in charge of making sure that their team made it safely from a boat in the middle of the lake to the shoreline and then safely down a series of waterfalls.

But when the rest of the team left Robin and Wilson behind, Bear jumped into the water to make sure that they could get safely back to shore. Calling the situation a "safety issue," Bear was angry with the rest of the contestants for putting Robin and Wilson in a position where they could drown!

Next, the teams had to navigate the waterfalls. Ryan, yet again, failed to show proper leadership, and his lack of direction caused Jeff to injure himself when he jumped into the cascade — he hit his knee on a rock. Unfortunately, that was the knee that had been badly injured in an accident several months before filming began.

Next, the contestants had to eat some giant grub worms. The worms were seriously gnarly looking, but are packed with protein, so time to, er, grub!

As if a dinner of grubs wasn't enough, the hungry survivalists also had to dine on fish eggs. Calling it by the nicer-sounding "fish roe" didn't do much to make the sight more appetizing. Bear explained that he was giving the teams these things not to gross them out but instead to get them used to eating things that could save their lives in the wild.

This week's survival test saw the contestants creating rafts out of a tarp and branches. Chris and Jeff won, earning them a place at the feast pit and presenting viewers at home with the greatest high-five GIF of all time.

At elimination, Bear told the group that they needed to step up their game. In somewhat of a surprise elimination, Madeline and Ryan were spared, despite their lackluster work on the Obstacle Team. Instead, crybaby Alicia and her partner, Spencer, were told they would never get out alive.

Here's a moment from Alicia's breakdown, brought on by her wet clothes.

What did you think of last night's episode? Did Alicia and Spencer deserve to go home, or should Madeline and Ryan have been sent packing?

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"Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls" airs Mondays at 9 PM on NBC.