'Get Out Alive' GIF-cap: Contestants Chow Down on Live Worms!

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NBC's new reality competition "Get Out Alive With Bear Grylls" returned Monday night for Episode 2, and it was filled with more fantastically gross and challenging tests of survival. Last week, the contestants chugged warm urine and dined on fish eyeballs. This week, the contestants scaled a mountain, ate live worms, and built slingshots. Here are the memorable moments from "Living on the Edge."

At the start, the survivalists had to scale a pretty serious slope within eight hours. Most of the teams kept up the pace, but Esmeralda took a bit of a dive when her legs gave out. The group had to wait as she regained her strength, and the incident got Esmeralda and husband Dominic sent home.

After setting up base camp and getting the fire going, Grylls visited the teams. Always a nice guy, he gave them a little extra protein to supplement their diet. Too bad that protein came in the form of live worms.

After chugging pee like a champ last week, Austin knocked back those live worms like candy. That kid seriously must have no taste buds to eat worms without gagging. 

Friendly competitors Alicia and Kyle took a break from battling each other to share in a "worm toast." Alicia almost retched up her worms, poor thing.

After the ordeal — er, meal — of live worms and ground roots for supper, the teams faced off in a hunting survival test. Tasked with building their own slingshots and shooting two cow skulls off a fence was tough for a group that hadn't eaten much besides worms and fish eyes for six days. Working together, Ryan and Madeline won the challenge!

As members of the winning team, Ryan and Madeline were presented with a lavish feast at a private camp with a hot tub. Mac and cheese definitely looks more appealing than squirmy worms.

Ryan and Madeline were excited about the food, but they were 10 times more thrilled about what was inside the Procter & Gamble mystery box: deodorant! If they're such hard-core survivalists, why would they be more ecstatic about a personal-hygiene product than a feast? We might never know.

Did you catch Monday night's episode? Would you rather eat fish eyes or live worms for survival? Tell us what you think about "Get Out Alive" in the comments section below!

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