'Get Out Alive' Finale GIF-cap: The Winning Team Revealed!

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After weeks of nail-biting survival drama, NBC's freshman reality competition "Get Out Alive With Bear Grylls" aired its season finale on Aug. 26. Missed the episode? Here are the most GIF-tastic moments from its conclusion.

The three remaining teams (Lucky and Louie, Chris and Jeff, Austin and Jim) had to jump out of a helicopter, make their way to a campsite, start a fire with faulty fire steels, and build a shelter.Would you have had the courage to follow Bear's lead?

If that wasn't scary enough, the teams then had to float down a raging, rain-swollen river. They had nothing but their packs to help them stay afloat!

As their "reward" for making it to overnight camp, Bear presented the teams with a special dinner item: a deer heart! Yum?

The teams then had to build a raft. While the other two teams did fairly well, Jim and Austin struggled when their raft got caught in some driftwood. Chris and Jeff's raft worked, but it sat very low in the water.

After a visit to the feast pit for all the teams, it was time for Bear to decide who would take home the $500,000 prize. After much deliberation, Bear threw the bag of money to Lucky and Louie. (Good thing it didn't fall in the fire.) 

But the decision wasn't without its detractors. Some fans thought Chris and Jeff deserved to win.

Which team do you think deserved to win "Get Out Alive With Bear Grylls"? Weigh in below with your thoughts about this thrilling finale!

Watch the full episode now:

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