'Downton Abbey' Season 4 Trailer: It's Life or Death for Lady Mary

Yahoo! TV

Remember how devastated you felt when Matthew Crawley perished in that awful car wreck at the end of "Downton Abbey" Season 3? Well, multiply that feeling by a thousand, and that's how his widow Lady Mary is feeling as we enter Season 4 of PBS's smash hit costume drama. 

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In the just-released trailer for the upcoming season (embedded above), the Dowager Countess consoles a grieving Mary and encourages her not to let the tragedy take her life as well: "You have a straightforward choice: You must choose either death, or life."  

When a stonefaced Mary replies, "You think I should choose life?" the Countess offers a slight nod.

Of course, we're all still grieving after a particularly wrenching season of "Downton," which also saw Mary's sister Sybil die in childbirth. But the rest of the trailer promises plenty of Season 4 action in a series of quick cuts: romance (Sybil's widower Tom Branson kisses someone new!), tears (Mr. Bates sobbing!), and new faces, including Tom Cullen as a handsome suitor for Mary and Gary Carr as a black jazz singer who catches Lady Rose's eye.

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Oh, Julian Fellowes, you magnificent bastard: You've drawn us in again, haven't you?

Season 4 of "Downton Abbey" premieres Sunday, January 5 at 9 p.m. on PBS.