'Dexter' Recap: 'Mother Chose the Wrong Son Again'

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SPOILER ALERT: The recap for the "Goodbye Miami" episode of "Dexter" contains storyline and character spoilers.

Family… can't live with 'em, can't kill 'em. Unless you're Oliver Saxon.

In a brutal development that sets up the final two episodes (ever) of "Dexter," the man revealed to be The Brain Surgeon was also revealed to be a psychopath that even his "Psychopath Whisperer" mother couldn't help. Especially after he slit her throat, right in front of Dexter, who had thought of Dr. Vogel as his own mother figure.

Now with life-changing plans in motion, Dexter will spend at least part of the run to the finale trying to track down Saxon (real name: Daniel Vogel) and get him into the kill room he has prepared especially for him.

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Will Dexter, who has become more and more emotional (i.e. less psychopath-y) this season, get the better of his fellow serial killer, or, as he pondered in "Goodbye Miami," is Saxon the perfect, consequence-free psychopath he once imagined himself to be?

Other questions still to be answered before the September 22 series finale:

* Saxon is particularly angry that his mother, the woman who helped Harry create "The Code" so Dexter could channel his killer instinct towards other murderers, found a way to help Dexter but not him. Saxon tells her during a confrontational breakfast that she already chose her other biological son (the brother Saxon killed years earlier) over him, and now it looks like she's choosing Dexter over him, too.

* Dexter is definitely going after Saxon, and Saxon likely is going to be on his trail. But will it be enough for Saxon to go after Dexter? Or are other Morgan family members on his hit list also?

* Saxon isn't the only guy gunning for Morgans. When Harrison was playing on a sped-up treadmill, he fell and left his sweet little face a bloody mess. Babysitter Hannah tried to call Dexter, and when she couldn't get in touch with him, she rushed Harrison to the hospital herself. A suspicious nurse recognized her and called U.S. Marshal Clayton, who now knows Hannah is in town, was with a child named Harrison Morgan, and signed her name at the hospital as Debra Morgan. Deb's old boss Elway is still on the hunt for Hannah (and the reward money), too, so what are the chances he isn't going to team up with Clayton and cause more headaches for Dex, Deb, and Hannah?

* Dexter is happy about his plans to start a new life with Hannah and Harrison in Argentina. After some initial panic — "I don't know what my life looks like without you," Deb tells him — Deb starts to warm up to the idea of an independent life as well. "Maybe it looks better," Dexter jokes. But, moments of levity aside, "Dexter" is not a lighthearted series. Could the ending really be that the Morgan sibs live happily ever after, after discovering they just needed to get the hell away from each other?

* Joey Quinn broke up with Jamie, denying he still had feelings for Deb. But when Deb confronted him about it, he admitted he still had feelings for her. She admitted she still had feelings for him. They kissed. But what's ol' Joey gonna say when he finds out about what Dexter (and Deb… hello, LaGuerta) have been up to all these years? (With only two eps left of the series, he has to find out, right?)

* Vogel and Harry have both told Dexter again and again that he can't have both lives: his "Dark Passenger" life, and a happy family life with Hannah and Harrison. Trying to focus on both will only mean his attention isn't full on either, which is dangerous in his situation, they point out. The warning is too ominous and too oft-repeated not to bear out… does that mean the death of a major character or two before the series ender?

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* Masuka's daughter, who he hired to be his lab assistant, shows up to a crime scene late and high. Is there more to her than meets the eye? Do we care?

* About emotional Dexter… we've seen again and again that he does have empathy for people, that he does genuinely care about some people (Hannah, Deb, Harrison, etc.). Is he really a psychopath? And was he destined to become a serial killer? Or did Harry, fearful for his son, and Vogel, guilty about not being able to help her own son, steer him to become a serial killer without giving him the chance to develop as a non-killer? Will Dexter be able to answer that question definitively? Does moving to Argentina and starting his life over mean he'll put his Dark Passenger out to pasture? Can he?

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