'Defiance' Star Grant Bowler Previews Season 2: Will Nolan and Irisa End Up in Antarctica? [Yahoo! TV Exclusive]

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"Defiance" star Grant Bowler (who plays Joshua Nolan) sat down for an exclusive Yahoo! TV Twitter chat with fans! He dished on the finale, spilled a few beans about next season, and shared some awesome insights about the Syfy drama.

The game-changing Season 1 finale redefines the series for Season 2. Kenya has died. Irisa has plunged into the abyss, seemingly to fall away forever. The Earth Republic has taken control of Defiance, with mayor-for-half-a-day Datak Tarr on the run after killing the E-Rep's Col. Marsh. As the name of the finale implies, "Everything Is Broken." So how is it going to get fixed?

Bowler replied jokingly to a question about what really happened to Irisa:

But perhaps Irisa has not gone into the abyss for long. Later, Bowler implied that Irisa will be back soon:

He also voiced hope for Nolan and Irisa's future; the father-daughter pair might even wind up in Antarctica by the end of the series:

Are you dying to know what happened to the rest of the world? Good news: Viewers will find out … eventually:

Kenya's death and what happened to Irisa will not be easily forgiven. Leave it to Nolan to take care of those responsible:

Datak is definitely in trouble, but Bowler suggests the Castithan rascal will find a way to win his fight against the E-Reps:

Bowler loves the idea of unlikely alliances and suggested that they are entirely possible. How weird would it be for Nolan and Datak to team up against the E-Reps?

Or how about the even more improbable alliance of Amanda and the woman who killed her sister? They are all on the same side now, fighting against the Earth Republic, so it's not out of the question.
What about some romance for Nolan? Maybe he will find someone in Season 2:
Could that love interest be Amanda Rosewater?
To wrap things up, Bowler offered other insights into his work on the show, his hopes for next season, and some of his other work outside of the series:

"Defiance" Season 2 is set to air in June 2014 on Syfy.