'Being Human' Gets Canceled: How We Want to See the Syfy Series End

Dru Moorhouse
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BEING HUMAN -- "Rewind, Rewind..." Episode 408 -- Pictured: (l-r)Sam Witwer as Aidan Waite, Meaghan Rath as Sally Malik -- (Photo by: Pana Pantazidis / Syfy)

Syfy "Being Human" Season 4

"Being Human" is closing the doors for good on the Boston brownstone shared by four supernatural roommates. Syfy announced Tuesday that the American adaption of Toby Whithouse's British series by the same name will end after its fourth-season finale on April 7.

Since the announcement was accompanied by video of cast members thanking fans, the cancellation presumably wasn't entirely unexpected. Hopefully, the creative team had enough warning to craft a fitting farewell — one we expect to be as poignant, darkly comic, and twisted as "Being Human" has always been.

With just six episodes remaining in the series, here's our ideal sendoff for our beloved vampire, ghost, and werewolf newlyweds.

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Aidan: Of the group, the 250-year-old vampire is the most monstrous. Through flashbacks (and some magnificently awful wigs and sideburns) we've seen Aidan (Sam Witwer) transform from an innocent victim into a bloody killer. He's endlessly searching for redemption, but his bloodlust, told as a tale of addiction, often results in a "relapse" — aka the death of an innocent victim (or a massacre). As much as we love him — if he had a heart, it would be made of gold — Aidan should pay the ultimate price for his sins at the end of "Being Human."

In the original U.K. version, Aidan's counterpart, Mitchell, was staked by his werewolf buddy George (Josh's counterpart) at his request. It would be a lovely bow for Aidan too — and even more powerful if someone else killed him: Sally.

Sally: Ms. Malik (Meaghan Rath) has been a very bad girl. As the series progressed, she graduated from a bubbly, bored ghost to a body-snatching reaper and spell-casting witch. She and Aidan share a bond of loneliness that even Josh can't fathom, and with just six episodes left, we hope that shippers finally get what they want: a Sally-Aidan romance. The original series provided the precedent, and if she gets her body back, it wouldn't be that crazy for them to wind up in bed together. (Susanna can't stick around forever, can she?) That's why Sally should be the one to end Aiden's life — and with that selfless act, find her door again — and walk through it.

Josh and Nora: The werewolf couple have always been the moral compass of the show — and the most human. If anyone on the show deserves a happy ending, it's these two. We always expected them to expand their family (their U.K. counterparts had a baby daughter), and the newlyweds have talked about moving out and starting a new life. The clock is ticking, so we'd at least like to see Nora (Kristen Hager) become pregnant before the finale.

As for that happy ending? We have a feeling that showrunner Anna Fricke has something much darker and more twisted in store. Remember: "Being Human" has never been shy about killing kids. But if Josh (Sam Huntington) and Nora don't stroll off into the sunset (moonlight) at the series conclusion, here's hoping that he finds some peace at the end. For all the anguish Josh has suffered — and hours wandering nude in the freezing woods — he should at least die with dignity. (And with his pants on.)

The final episode of "Being Human" airs Monday, April 7 at 9 p.m. on Syfy.