'Bachelorette' Postmortem With Farmer Chris: Being the Next Bachelor Is 'a No-Brainer'

Carrie Bell
Yahoo TVJuly 15, 2014

Maybe Bachelorette fans should have known the relationship was doomed the minute Chris stepped onto the homestead known as "Danger Ranch" in the Dominican Republic. After all, it sounds more like the setting of a horror flick than a romantic overnight date. And while we had hoped she could look past it, deep down in our heart of hearts we knew Iowa was always going to be an issue.

But like us, farmer Chris Soules, 32, had hoped that city attorney Andi Dorfman, 27, would be able to accept his Hawkeye State home and focus on his many romantic gestures (being her secret admirer for weeks, delaying a rose ceremony's start just to lay a wet one on her, declaring high-altitude love), his financial stability (he owns a home), his fun family, and free bacon for life. Despite his planning her favorite hometown date, their relationship failed to grow fast enough and the earnest farm boy was sent home before reaping the rewards of the fantasy suite.

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Yahoo TV caught up with Chris when he was in Los Angeles to attend the "Men Tell All" taping last weekend and exclusively discussed a cornucopia of topics with the sowing suitor.

Don't know that I would have handled such a brutal exit quite as classily as you.
It wasn't what I would call a fun night. I was heartbroken, because I had fallen in love with her and could see a future with her on the farm, especially given that we'd just come off of a great hometown date a week earlier. But you can't force someone to feel something that isn't there, and I appreciated her honesty and respected that she spared me a rose ceremony. If I wasn't going to be the last man standing, I wanted to go home and start moving on like I said on the show.

Andi sends Chris home:

Now that there is time between you and the experience and you have been able to watch the series and see her relationships with Nick and Josh, do you feel better or worse? Do you understand why she let you go?
Oh yeah. I see that there is way more chemistry happening with Josh and Nick than I had with her. Do I feel like we could have gotten there? Yeah, we could have, but we didn't get there quick enough. Something just clicked quicker with those other two, and that's OK. I'm not mad at her, and I don't have regrets.

Do you think living in Iowa was the real obstacle?
That probably contributed. But I also think that if I was the one, we would have made it work somehow.

Andi and Chris in Iowa:

Are you over her now?
Andi was a great girl and is going to make a great mom and wife to someone, but it wasn't meant to be and the good thing about this process is that you go home and are forced to have time where you can't go out dating so you think about how things went and you move on.

To being the next Bachelor?
It's a loaded question. They may not even think I'd be a good one. They certainly haven't asked me. No one official has even mentioned it. ... If they did, I think it would be a no-brainer for me, because I would never meet those kind of girls in my town of 700. It's a unique opportunity to meet 25 women who are interested in me and my lifestyle and who already know they'd have to move to Iowa. And I know it can work because I fell in love.

The time you'd spend in helicopters and watching fireworks would increase tenfold.
That's immaterial and the last thing I think about. But it would also be fun to be the one going on all the dates. My private concert was one of the coolest moments of my life.

Chris proclaims his love for Andi:

You're hot, successful, sweet. How are you not taken already?
It's tough. I know everyone in my town, and they're generally over 70.

Do you think this will change how you date?
I learned a lot about myself in the process, and I'm sure it will change some things. I might have to be more careful about people's motives, which is weird and the only sad part. But so far mostly it is all positive reactions, and I'd like to think I am smart enough and a good enough reader of people that I will be able to weed out the girls who are only interested in me because I was on TV.

There will be women who will date you just to get to your mom.
She will love to hear that you said that. I will have to keep an eye out. No, that would be a blessing and a good problem to have. If they can get along with my mom, they can certainly get along with me. My family's really the most important thing in my life. They are my foundation and made me the man that I am.

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It is fair to say Nick was not your favorite person in the house.
Nick handled the process different than I did and in a way that I did not respect. He was a schemer. He got to where he did because at the end of the day he did all the things he needed to do to build a relationship with Andi, which was his priority, and he didn't really care to get to know the guys. Did he rub a lot of us the wrong way? Absolutely. I was very vocal about it. Will I hold it against him and think he's a bad person? No. I am willing to put this all behind me and move forward as friends and chock it up to all of us being in a situation that wasn't normal.

Does that mean you are Team Josh?
Josh was great and we became good friends, but I think either of them could make her happy and that both of them have feelings for her. Watching it and seeing how [Nick] treated Andi and the things he was doing when he wasn't with us made me think he could make her just as happy as Josh could. I am happy for either one of them if they get to spend the rest of their life with her. I hope she found her husband here. She is a great person who deserves to be happy.

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