'American Idol' Castoff Social Chat: Kristen O'Connor Reveals Her Secret, Non-Singing Talent

Jenny Depper
Yahoo TV

Kristen O'Connor has no regrets.

The Florida-native, who was the first "American Idol" finalist to be eliminated after she sang Kelly Clarkson's "Beautiful Disaster" last week, is looking forward, not back.

"I'm happy with the song I chose," O'Connor told Yahoo TV, despite having difficulty with her audio aid and pulling out her earpiece midway through her performance. "There was a click track, like a metronome, and it was never there during my rehearsals, so it was distracting."

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The 24-year-old nurse tech said she was bummed about her early exit, but proud of her achievements. "I do wish I was able to show America more sides of me, like playing my guitar and something more upbeat. There was a good chance I was going to do a song with guitar [this week]," she shared. "But to be in the top 13, that's a dream come true."

Like many "Idol" alums before her who made a premature departure, Jennifer Hudson, Kellie Pickler, and Chris Daughtry, she's hoping that her "Idol" fame will lead to new opportunities. "I am just really excited to see what doors are going to open up for me. I am 100 percent going to continue to pursue music. I can't wait to get into the studio and record, start writing and to make an album," O'Connor dished. "If other opportunities like acting or musicals happen, I would absolutely love to do something like that."

We can't predict the future, but we can predict you're gonna dig her special social interview below.

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