'Amazing Race' Sneak Peek: Sink-or-Swim Time for Connor and Dave in Borneo

Carrie Bell
Yahoo TV

Just a week after the Bluegrass State duo were "philiminated" thanks to lost luggage and subsequent bickering, another "Amazing Race" all-star team might meet its Season 24 demise thanks to an avoidable misstep.

This time it is Dave and Connor O'Leary who find themselves up sh-- creek without a paddle, figuratively and almost literally. What can be deduced from this exclusive clip from Sunday's new episode is that the parent-child pair is floating down a river in Borneo on a raft of questionable sturdiness with a friendly Travelocity yard gnome looking for the sixth bridge and a food drop-off.

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"The O'Leary boys become the wild men of Borneo river running. What a rush, what an experience," Dave gushed in an email statement to Yahoo TV. "Who wouldn't want to add that to their bucket list?"

But it is easier to put it on a bucket list than to check it off one. "I have rafted before, but this challenge was next level," added Connor, also by email. "Going down that river on a bamboo raft that we made ourselves was sketchy to say the least. Our raft started to fall apart each rapid we hit, and by the end, we were hanging on for dear life."

His dad joked, "I thought Connor might get a hernia trying to hold the raft together with his legs and was really glad it was him in front and not me."

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And just when relief from leg lock and raging waters is in sight, the men realize they have happened upon the other Detour "Jungle Run" option and one terrifying-looking local. They have no choice but to paddle on, eventually ditch the raft, and hoof it, all of which leads to some semistrongly worded worries that are TSFW (totally safe for work)!

Tune in Sunday at 8 p.m. to see if the father-son set can overcome the unplanned detour within a detour or if they will be the next all-stars whose trip around the world is canceled.

The "Amazing Race" airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on CBS. If you missed either of the first two episodes this season, CBS is rebroadcasting them Saturday, March 8, between 8 and 10 p.m.