'A.N.T. Farm' Exclusive Sneak Peek: Chris Rock Reveals How Rob Schneider Learns His Lines

Rachel Poletick
Yahoo! TV

Students at the new A.N.T. boarding school may have "advanced natural talents," but that doesn't mean the talents necessarily cross over.

In this week's "A.N.T. Farm," Chyna (China Anne McClain) takes on the responsibility of helping zoology A.N.T. Seth (Michael Weisman) take care of his animals while he's out of town. But the episode, titled "Animal HusbANTry," proves that just because she's an A.N.T. herself doesn't mean Chyna's ready to take on the tasks of someone who is a genius in another area.

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This exclusive clip features a guest appearance by Chris Rock, whose help Chyna enlists to get a duck she's taking care of to talk. Chris uses his expertise as an actor in an attempt to make the job easier.

All it takes, he explains, is telling the duck what you want it to say. The duck will then repeat it back to you. According to Chris, this is the same technique used to get Rob Schneider to say all his lines.

What other antics will Chyna and Chris be up to in "Animal HusbANTry"?

To find out, tune in to "A.N.T. Farm" on Friday, 6/28 at 8 PM on Disney Channel.