'90s Sweethearts Danica McKellar and Candace Cameron Bure Face Off on 'Dancing With the Stars'

Victoria Leigh Miller
Yahoo TV

It's time to get this dance party started!

One season after "Saved by the Bell" alum Elizabeth Berkley reprised her famous Jessie Spano pill-popping dance on "Dancing With the Stars," the new season of the celeb dancing competition features two more memorable 1990s TV stars: "Full House" actress Candace Cameron Bure and "Wonder Years" alum Danica McKellar.

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The '90s teen icons are all grown up now, but two decades later, do they have what it takes to take home the mirrorball trophy?

Back in the day, Cameron Bure's sitcom character D.J. Tanner showed us her moves in one of the series' very first episodes, when she played backup dancer during Uncle Jesse's babysitting gig turned jam session.

At 2:16, see D.J. Tanner dancing in "Our Very First Night":

In fact, throughout its eight seasons, the family-friendly sitcom featured plenty of dancing. Middle sis Stephanie Tanner (played by Jodie Sweetin) aspired to be a pro dancer, and her dance routines were regularly featured on the show.

In a recent interview with the Ashley, Cameron Bure, who's partnered with "DWTS" pro dancer Mark Ballas this season, dished on her own dancing prowess: "I love dancing. I go dancing with my girlfriends all the time and I'm the best wedding dancer ever," she said.

But it's those retro hip-hop moves that seem to be her forte.

"We are '80s and '90s girls so we like to dance to New Kids on the Block, maybe [do] the robot and the Cabbage Patch Kid," she said. "We did a lot of dancing [on 'Full House'] so I have some experience."

Stay tuned to see if Cameron Bure will be able to pull off some dance moves without an Olsen twin under her feet, but if all else fails, she can try to emulate her TV sister's classic steps. Just cue up the "Love Shack," baby.

See Stephanie Tanner's kiddie choreography:

Last season, Bill Nye the Science Guy compared "Dancing With the Stars" to science: "It's all physics; it's all the study of motion," the TV personality said after he was cast on the show. There are no science guys in the new cast, but mathematically speaking, McKellar may have this one in the bag.

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The 39-year-old beauty, known for her role as wholesome girl next door Winnie Cooper on "The Wonder Years," is a math whiz who has written four math-related books for teen girls. Now she just needs to come up with the formula for the perfect dance.

See McKellar's Dance of the Sugar Pi Fairy:

McKellar, whose "DWTS" pro partner is Val Chmerkovskiy, didn't do any hip-hop dancing on "The Wonder Years," but she definitely mastered the high school slow dance with boyfriend next door Kevin Arnold.

She even tangoed in the 2006 Lifetime movie "Inspector Mom." Back then the actress dished, "The tango scene was my 'Dancing With the Stars' moment. I'm hooked on ballroom dancing now."

McKellar also revealed that it was her idea to put the dance scene in the TV movie. And clearly she enjoyed it, because six years later she was dancing again, in the TV movie "Love at the Christmas Table."

See McKellar dancing in "Love at the Christmas Table":

So, are you Team D.J. or Team Winnie?

"Dancing With the Stars" premieres Monday, March 17, at 8 p.m. on ABC.