Are You Like Me?


"GMA": Say, are you like me? Can you not get enough "GMA" in your morning? Do you get sad every time the clock strikes noon? Well you're in luck, because now you can tune in for something called "Good Afternoon America", or "GAA." Starring Lara Spencer and Josh Elliott, who either got a promotion, or else they're on double-secret probation for stealing sandwiches from the green room employee refrigerator, and now we have to watch them clap erasers all afternoon. You'll have to tune in to see!

"Today": 'Little Darth Vader' Max Page was already super adorable, and he got even more adorabler (made up word) today on "Today" when he talked about how he's doing post-surgery, "My heart feels better now!"

"Wake Up With Al": This show just won't stop with all the dogs and sprinklers videos, and I love them for it! But hey, when you spend 53 minutes of an hour-long show talking about how ridiculously hot it is everywhere, and two minutes of Al making bad jokes, why not use the other five minutes showing dogs running through sprinklers and hoses to make up for it?!

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