Boys' Night Out Turns Scandalous on 'The Real World: Portland' [Exclusive Video]

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Romantic relationships that form in the "Real World" house always turn out great, right? Well, it's not impossible (Judd and Pam from Season 3 are still together!), but it's definitely rare. Averey and Johnny are trying their hand at a reality-TV love connection in Season 28, Portland, but can it survive a boys' night out? "Go! Be a boy. Do boy things," Averey says in this exclusive sneak peek at Wednesday's episode. "You're gonna be such a good wife," roommate Nia tells her.

But once the girlfriend's away, the boys will play -- kind of. While they're out partying, a fellow clubgoer in some tiny white shorts makes a beeline for Johnny, then starts dancing on him (if you want to call that dancing). At first he lets it happen, but then he comes to his senses and walks away. "Johnny knows what he has at home. Bro, quality over quantity," says buddy/roommate Jordan.

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Outside the club, Johnny resists her advances, so the girl makes a move on Marlon (the third of the guy roommates). This girl and her friend are tough to shake, and follow the guys back to the "Real World" digs.

The female housemates are a little shocked to see the guests the guys brought back, but thankfully, they see the humor in the situation and conspire to mess with the boys' heads. They fill a vodka bottle with water, and Averey pretends she's hammered and angry. After the guests are sent on their way, Averey yells, "Johnny, where the f--- are you? Get you're a-- up here now!" After a tussle with Johnny, Averey lets him and the other guys in on the joke, but is Johnny too heated to forget about it?

Find out on "The Real World: Portland" when it airs Wednesday, 4/24 at 10 PM on MTV.