‘Bones’ recap: Daisy is back in 'The Twist in the Plot’

Tucker Cummings
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The setup

The "Bones" episode "The Twist in the Plot" opens with a husband and wife enjoying a Segway tour through the woods. The wife takes a tumble and hits the dirt. When she stands up, her face is covered in beetles: The ground she landed on was a shallow grave that's crawling with bugs!

The victim
Bones and Brennan are called to the scene, where Hodgins is already examining the body for signs of bug and rodent feeding.

Booth learns that Monica Craig, a cancer victim, is one of the bodies in the grave. The land where the bodies were buried belongs to a company that conducts "green," chemical-free burials. There's just one problem: There should only be one body in that grave, and it should be Monica's!

There's more weirdness: The lab team discovers that Monica Craig's cancer wasn't advanced enough to kill her! But if cancer didn't kill her, what did?

Sweets brings Monica Craig's widower husband for questioning and shows him a facial reconstruction of the second body. He recognizes her right away. The second victim is Rachel Knox, Monica's "death consultant" from the eco-friendly burial company. (Hey! Rachel...Monica....if they keep digging, are they gonna find a "Phoebe" down there, too?)

The dating drama at the Jeffersonian
Meanwhile, Sweets has to face the fact that Daisy is back at work with the Jeffersonian team, after a month off. Bones and Brennan note that Sweets hasn't slept with anyone since Daisy. Sweets argues this is simply because he's been crashing with them, in Parker's room. "It's hard to bring home a woman where you're sleeping on Wolverine sheets," he jokes.

At the lab, Hodgins tells Daisy that she seems to be taking her breakup well. She says that she is focusing on her career exclusively, and she knows she'll be fine when she sees Lance.

When Sweets and Daisy finally cross paths, Daisy is cold, distant, and seems to be focusing on work so that she doesn't have to think about her emotional connection to Lance. Sweets admits that he still has feelings for her, but Daisy has been seeing someone. They agree to stay friends, but Daisy can't keep herself from crying later on.

The suspects
Booth and Bones first speak with Rachel's business partner Akshay Mirza, who still works at the green funeral company. He is deeply shaken by the news and explains that he never reported her as missing because she was kind of a free spirit. "Rachel disappeared all the time; it's the way she was," he explains, adding that he has no idea who would want to hurt Rachel. Later, however, it is revealed that Mirza and Rachel dated for three months. Mirza also makes all of the grave markers himself...and a grave marker may have been used to bludgeon Rachel.

The next suspect is Mick Warren, a rival funeral home owner who had filed three lawsuits against Rachel, hoping to force her out of business. "I wanted to wipe her out in court!" Warren says, arguing that he didn't want to kill Rachel.

The killer
Further analysis of Monica Craig's remains shows that she was using Methylone, aka "bath salts," a recreational drug. Sweets confronts Dr. Craig about the drugs, since the good doctor has access to them to treat patients. Craig admits that he gave them to Rachel to kill herself with, because she wanted the pain to end. He wouldn't help her, but he couldn't bring himself to stop her.

Dr. Craig is off the hook for his wife's death, but not for Rachel. Phone records suggest that Dr. Craig was sleeping with Rachel, with the affair ending just two days before Monica committed suicide. Dr. Craig was in the middle of burying his wife when Rachel showed up to help. Unable to bear the thought of losing yet another woman in his life, he killed Rachel.

The Bones and Brennan update
With so much talk about death and funerals in the case of the week, Booth and Bones talk about how they want to "go out" of the world. Bones wants a ceremony that involves "vultures and hammers," much to Booth's dismay. She decides to settle for a volcano burial instead. Her will is still over 300 pages long.

As the episode draws to a close, Booth records a very touching video will for Christine while Bones looks on. He talks about what he loves (God, Canadian beer, hockey, the military, and Bones) and tells baby Christine that he loves her very much, that he wants her to dive into life courageously, and to take care of Bones after he's gone.