Bob bugs Amy in 'Good Luck Charlie' [Exclusive video]

Yahoo! TV

The Duncan family is back for the Season 3 finale of "Good Luck Charlie" on the Disney Channel, but don't worry -- it's been renewed for a fourth season.

In this exclusive look at the upcoming episode "All Fall Down," mother Amy is so not in the mood to hear an "unbelievable" bug-filled tale from her exterminator husband's day at work. But Bob is giddy and can't wait to tell Amy and Gabe what happened. So Amy does what any good mom would do when trying to escape an unappealing situation: She says that she hears babies Toby and Charlie. But Toby is quiet in his bassinette, and Charlie is at a play date. Looks like you can't blame everything on the kids.

Bob launches into his story about his bug-killing routine at the Andersons' house, and it's just as dull as it sounds. Gabe even tries to get out of it by fake-hearing the doorbell ring. Mom's not letting him off the hook that easily.

Aside from the creepy-crawly story, this episode also reveals that Spencer, Teddy's boyfriend, has a chance to go to college (all the way across the country) a semester early. She encourages him to do so without yet realizing what a challenge the distance will be to their relationship.

To find out what advice Teddy gives baby Charlie in her video diary and what great buggy news Bob has, tune in to "Good Luck Charlie" on Sunday, 1/20 at 8 PM on the Disney Channel.