Bloody 'Jodi Arias' Teaser Video: Is It Too Graphic? [Video]

Kelly Woo
Yahoo! TV
Bloody 'Jodi Arias' Teaser Video: Is It Too Graphic? [Video]

Lifetime movies are never shy about ripping from the headlines, but "Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret" may be its most disturbing yet.

A new teaser trailer just debuted online (watch it above), and it's clear that the movie incorporates all the sensational, lurid details that came out in the months-long trial of Arias, who was convicted a few weeks ago of murdering her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in 2008.

During the trial, Arias pled self-defense, but jurors were convinced by the gruesome crime scene photos of Alexander with a bullet in his head, his throat slit, and bearing 27 stab wounds.

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Prosecutors portrayed it as a real-life "Fatal Attraction," with Arias stalking her ex and then seducing him one last time before she killed him.

A key part of the trial was a digital camera that investigators retrieved from the washing machine, which included racy, pornographic images of the couple before the murder. There were also images from after the murder, including one of Arias dragging Alexander's dead body across the floor.

The teaser shows flashes of these details, including a bloody Tania Raymonde ("Lost"), who plays Arias, dropping said camera into the washer. She also takes snapshots of Alexander in the shower. "That's it, I'm done," he says with a smile.

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"Oh, come on. Just a couple more," she replies, as ominous music swells in the background.

Then, the video shows brief glimpses of Arias stabbing Alexander, pulling on his legs, and firing a gun.

"Dirty Little Secret" airs next week, and while the movie will feature her conviction, it likely won't include the outcome of her sentencing retrial, which is still pending. Arias faces the death penalty.

"Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret" premieres Saturday, 6/22 at 8 PM on Lifetime.