Blind 'MasterChef' Champ Christine Ha Is Back … With Blindfolds! [Exclusive Video]

Maya Salam
Yahoo TV
Blind 'MasterChef' Champ Christine Ha Is Back … With Blindfolds! [Exclusive Video]

"MasterChef" made cooking-show history last season by crowning blind contestant Christine Ha as the best home cook in America. And now she's back, rocking a chef's jacket and armed with blindfolds to throw 12 of this season's final 13 "MasterChef" wannabes into an unfamiliar situation. That's right: They're going to have to walk a mile, er, cook a meal in her shoes — without sight. And we have an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming challenge, which will surely separate the calm and collected from the basket cases.

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"Are you serious? This is not cool," says Jordan Roots. Too bad, Jordan; if you want to continue, you're going to have to suck it up. As judge Graham Elliot puts it, "This is how Christine cooks three times a day. You guys are experiencing it for one hour." Taste and smell have certainly never been more important. Not to mention safety! Hopefully no one lops a finger off. Especially Luca, who's trying to cut a live crab with a big knife.

To find out if the contestants make it through this blind challenge without an injury and with something edible, tune in to "MasterChef" on Wednesday, 6/26 at 8 PM on Fox.