Blake Shelton guest stars as Reba's brother on 'Malibu Country' [Exclusive video]

Yahoo! TV

ABC's "Malibu Country" is all about one world-famous voice: Reba McEntire's. But on Friday's episode, a famous face from the hit show "The Voice" will be onboard for an all-new episode. Country crooner and winning mentor Blake Shelton is guest-starring as Reba's brother in the aptly titled episode "Oh Brother."

In this exclusive sneak peek, Reba and Geoffrey (Jai Rodriguez) -- the record-label assistant assigned to help bolster Reba's career -- arrive back at the house after a trip to the oxygen bar, just in time to smell something delicious cooking. Her mother, Lillie Mae (Lily Tomlin), is whipping up some of her secret barbecue sauce. And it is a secret, as Geoffrey learns the hard way, when Lillie rips the recipe away and puts it in her booby trap (aka bra).

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"Mama only makes this sauce on two occasions," Reba says. "One, when my little brother, Blake, comes home; and two, at a funeral." Luckily no one died, so enter her little brother, Blake (whose real name is his character name, like the rest of the fictional family). Lillie might not mean to play favorites, but she lets Blake taste the sauce before it hits the dinner table. Reba does not get the same luxury; instead she gets her hand slapped.

To find out what big idea Blake has for his mama's secret sauce, tune in to "Malibu Country" on Friday, 3/1 at 8:30 PM on ABC.