‘Billy on the Street’ Gets Political With ‘Immigrant or Real American?’

Kristen Baldwin
Yahoo TV

One week after Donald Trump won the White House, comedian, actor, and professional shouter Billy Eichner kicked off the fifth season of his TruTV interview show with a very of-the-moment quiz. Standing in the Flatiron District of Manhattan, Eichner recruits a nice office manager named Kevin for a game of “Immigrant or Real American?”

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The rules are simple: Eichner rattles off a list of famous (and infamous) names, and if that person was born in America he or she is (you guessed it) a “real American,” while the correct answer for anyone born outside of the USA is “immigrant.” Though Kevin is eager to play — and to be fair, the dude crushes it — Eichner refuses to start the game until his contestant explains the bizarre mythological hybrid creature on his T-shirt. (Upon hearing it’s a “uni-centaur-clops,” Eichner deadpans, “You’re single now, right?”) Anyhow, take a look at the video above, and don’t forget to play along!

Billy on the Street airs Tuesdays at 10:30 p.m. on TruTV.