Bill Murray Launched a Golf Clothing Brand

The Hollywood Reporter

What is it about Bill Murray? 

The oddball actor is a universally beloved Hollywood icon, mostly because he acts like he could care less about being a universally beloved Hollywood icon. So we were simultaneously overjoyed and a tad surprised to learn that Murray, 66, had leveraged his celebrity and launched his own line of men's golf clothing.

Called William Murray Golf (because only full names are fancy enough for golf), the line is comprised of polos, button-ups, golf shorts, hats and tees, all inspired by "the world's most irreverent golfer, Bill Murray." And you can bet his Caddyshack alter ego, Carl, would approve.

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A photo posted by William Murray Golf (@williammurraygolf) on Sep 21, 2016 at 8:28am PDT

As to be expected from the man, the myth - the Murray - this isn't your grandfather's stuffy golfing attire. Even the brand's logo has a bit of playful side, featuring the actor's silhouette tossing a golf club over his shoulder.

The collection was created in collaboration with Murray Brothers and Resignation Media, owner of humorous website, The Chive. The full range won't be available until Oct. 20, though select pieces ($32-$75) are already available online.

According to Resignation Media's John Resig, we unfortunately won't be seeing Murray popping up in ad spots anytime soon. "Bill is not going to be out there doing commercials for us," he told Golf Digest. "But he is going to sneak up to you as the lifebomber he is, pat you on the shoulder and say, 'Nice shirt.'"