Bill Murray Is Still Harassing 'Magic City' Minx Kelly Lynch

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"Magic City" Season 2
Kelly Lynch as Meg Bannock in "Magic City" Season 2.

Kelly Lynch brings new meaning to the phrase "passive aggressive" as rich auntie Meg Bannock on her husband Mitch Glazer's '50s Floridian drama "Magic City." But in real life, she's very sweet, just like her character in the beloved '80s bar-bouncer movie (drum roll, please)... "Road House."

Lynch beamed when we mentioned Dalton (Patrick Swayze, to laypeople) and company. You might have heard that a few months ago, Bill Murray started crank-calling the Glazer household. Brief backstory: Glazer wrote "Scrooged" for Bill Murray, so it's not as random as you might think.

"That's still a current thing in my life," she said of the calls. "There is one scene in 'Road House' where Patrick Swayze and I are making love. And Bill Murray still calls my house. And he'll say 'Hey, your wife is doing it with Swayze.' It can be 4 in the morning. One time he called from Russia."

Sounds like a fun thing to do after some vodka.

See Lynch in "Road House" with Swayze:

Because it would obviously be rude to talk about "Road House" and not discuss the other awesome '80s bar movie, "Cocktail," we asked about working with Tom Cruise. And it turns out, making "Cocktail" was just as much fun as you might imagine.

"'Cocktail' was great because we were in Port Antonio," she reminisced. "We all had our own little houses, and we had great reggae music. We literally at night would have dance parties. It was one of the most fun movies to shoot. Tom is superfun to work with and really funny. And I'm a dance freak, and he's the first person who will get up on the dance floor, which is great, so I'm not the first person and it's, like, thank you."

See Lynch in "Cocktail" with Cruise: 

"Magic City" is also a fun set, but Lynch swears she and Mr. Glazer maintain a no hanky-panky policy on set. "When Mitch is at work with us, he's my boss," she explained. "I'm one of those actors who needs a director to watch me and take care of me the way a good director and show runner will do. At home, I'm in charge. But on the set he's quote unquote Mitch Glazer."

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Lynch didn't have to mull it over when we asked if she has a favorite scene this season. "The women are just as scary as the gangsters. Women don't need guns," she said. "Our women are very subtle and surgically scary with each other. In my favorite scene, I have a rifle and I'm in my backyard, and [Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Ike] is flirting with me, and it's like a Grace Kelly, Cary Grant style. It will take your breath away and make you almost swoon. Two grown-ups really flirting in a very sexy way, and she's doing something very cool with that gun. She knows how to use it."

All about the ladies of "Magic City": 

"Magic City" returns June 14 on Starz.