Bill Maher to Trump Adviser: ‘Have You Lost Your God—- Mind?’ (Video)

Joe Otterson

Bill Maher opened his discussion with Donald Trump economic adviser and staunch supporter Stephen Moore with a simple question: “Have you lost your god—- mind?”

Shockingly, things did not get more civil after that.

Moore was on Friday’s panel of “Real Time with Bill Maher” along with NPR political analyst Angela Rye and Snapchat news head Peter Hamby. Moore and Rye repeatedly tussled when they kept trying to talk over each other over which candidate’s economic plan made more sense.

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Rye got fed up with Moore interrupting her, comparing it to the number of times Trump interrupted Hillary Clinton during the first Presidential debate on Monday.

Then, when Moore claimed that “only the top 20 percent have made gains in the last seven years,” Maher lost it. He slammed his hands on the table and said, “I must f—ing stop you.” Maher went on to quote U.S. Census Bureau statistics that indicate middle and lower class people have made income gains since President Obama took office.

Following the fiery exchange, Maher went on to point out all of the major publications, some of them typically Republican, that have endorsed Clinton over Trump.

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Maher pressed forward with a half-smile and named off a few fake publications that would be likely to endorse Trump for president, including “Car & Liar,” “Unpopular Science” and “Whine Aficionado.”

Check it out below.

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