Bill Hader Breaks Down The Magic of Stefon

Jarett Wieselman
The Insider

Trying to deduce why a Saturday Night Live character connects with the audience is like attempting to explain why Lorne Michaels always cuts the funniest sketches between dress rehearsal and the live show.

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But on a recent installment of The Best BS, Bill Hader detailed the origins of the uber-popular character and finally addressed something I've wondered about for years.

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In addition to detailing how each sketch is created, Hader reveals that quite often his Stefon co-writer, John Mulaney, will put lines on the cue cards without telling him in advance. So those times you see Hader lose it, mid-sketch, are in fact utterly authentic.

Watch Hader explain how Stefon is brought to life every week and then watch a few sketches because you can never go wrong with Weekend Update's City Correspondent!

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