Bill Clinton Delights in Another Balloon Drop on ‘The Daily Show’

Will Lerner

President Bill Clinton was Trevor Noah’s guest on The Daily Show Thursday and talked about many of the most important issues facing Americans in this election season. But bleh, boring, right? At the end of their interview, Noah wanted to thank Clinton, so he got him another balloon drop. As you may recall, our former president was delighted by the one at the end of the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

“I did notice that there is one thing that makes you smile, so I wanted to give you the gift of balloons,” said Noah. Clinton smiled and buried his face in his hands as balloons started to drop on them. President Clinton was once again charmed by them, picking one up and shouting, “Yay!”

After the commotion died down, Clinton said, “When I saw the film, at the end of the convention, I realized that more than everybody else, I was there playing with the balloons and they were going to have to hook me off the stage, I thought, you know, ‘I really am in my second childhood.’”
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