The Biggest Loser's Dolvett Quince Blogs Episode 1

Dolvett Quince
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Dolvett Quince | Photo Credits: Justin Lubin/NBC
Dolvett Quince | Photo Credits: Justin Lubin/NBC

I hope you enjoyed the first episode of The Biggest Loser's 12th season as much as I enjoyed being part of it. It's a show that has changed so many people's lives and an opportunity for me to take my training to a whole new level — NATIONAL on network television!

When Bob, Anna and I entered the desert on USMC helicopters, my heart was pounding. Not only were we on board with real life heroes, but we were also about to meet our contestants! As soon as we got on the ground, we saw the three teams separated by age and learned they'd be racing to pick their trainer. Being a fan of the show and of Bob's, it seemed natural that the first team would choose the known entity — Bob. I was just ecstatic when the youngsters ran to me. I knew we were going to have a wild ride together but was anxious to start changing their lives...especially because they have so many more years to live a hopefully healthier and happier life!

Now that the teams had been chosen it was time to get real and get busy.  The red team was going to see who I am when I am in the gym and I'm certainly not warm and fuzzy. My job is to help them lose weight and get them healthy. I am not only qualified for this job, I am over qualified.

I noticed immediately that I have to keep my eye on Patrick. His confidence level needs work. As Patrick was working out I notice he is not committing to it, he keot telling me he can do it but he just wasn't doing it. I kicked him out of the gym for a one on one because we weren't being productive in the gym. Just because my team is young does not mean this will be easy. Patrick's issues were just the start of what I'd begin to uncover in that first week. It inspired me to be better and work harder to help my team.

When we got to the gym for the weigh-in, emotions were high to say the least. I could hear the hearts pounding from my entire team and I think mine was the loudest. To see the hard work pay off and then numbers prove that eating healthy and working out does work was inspirational and reassured us all that we were on the journey of our lives together.

You couldn't pay me to miss next week. It's only gonna get better. Till then stay healthy.

- Dolvett